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    Forum Name: Kira Link to Entry: https://imgur.com/y9eautI Short description of the artwork: I love doing ET runs with friends or strangers. Definitely excited for when the GM Team includes the content in Intense again
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    Forum Name: pineda100 Short description of the artwork: Much Intense! So Wow!
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    Forum Name: Meika Short description of the artwork: I've been playing a lot of Poring Catcher lately, so I made a wallpaper about porings. :3
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    In-game Name: Daddy Link to Entry: https://imgur.com/KRoneJR Short description of the artwork: GM Verity’s game tips and wellness checks The message can be edited btw
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    Forum Name: Keitaro Link to Entry: https://imgur.com/tAlceBT Short description to the artwork: I miss my chimkin
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    Forum Name: Kira In-Game Name: Isaac Story: My daily routine was a quiet one. I'd farm for shiny gold from Grand Pecos roaming around the dry fields of Yuno then sitting by the grass in the middle of Brasilis for the rest of the day. I was pretty much content with that. During my idle times, my eyes would impulsively wander to a small group of three sitting next to the bushes hovered over by the Link Deity. The group involves a sorcerer with silver locks topped with a Sunflower, an arch bishop with a natural affinity for pink hues and another arch bishop that weirdly reminds me of Hello Kitty. After days of having the same peaceful routine, a rude man crashed and was running around Brasilis. This madman threw a fit against anyone his eyes caught, including me. I've never really dealt with boorish behavior before so I was sweating buckets and felt like I'd gag on my heart any second. It was all hazy but last I could recall, pinky girl stood up and walked over to my side. In a whirlwind of events, I suddenly found myself talking to this peculiar group. It was a new routine but it was exciting, it was like opening unexpected presents everyday. I was logging in everyday to see them hanging by the bush. We came up with lots of different activities. The weirdest thing we came up with was going to the Endless Tower with an all-star cast from Ragnarok: The Animation...in their first jobs. We never made it past the Golden Thief Bug. Everyone returned to our spot defeated but lighthearted. Sadly, schoolwork caught up with everyone and people were logging in less. Soon, I was logging in everyday to look for new things to do. It was a new routine and it felt empty.
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    Forum Name: Calvados In-Game Name: Fenris Story: "Carpe diem." She expressed her beloved phrase, as she gently pats my back for encouragement. I blurted out my woes at her, but she still chose to lend an ear until the end. As I looked to the silver-haired, battle-hardened warrior whose tattered crimson cape lightly swaying to the warm winds of Jazeera, she exclaimed: You're too young to be spending your time worrying about those kinds of things. Frickin' live out your own life for pete's sake! She had been in our ranks for a while and was a natural in making connections. Eventually, she noticed my current interest in the Runic Order, and proceeded to have lengthy discussions about the intricacies on various schools of thought. I enjoyed these moments as she would hold these lessons countless of times. She was my mentor: someone that I could ask for answers whenever I had questions about the methodologies of our Order; someone that I could confide with my hardships and thoughts. After a year of adventures, it was finally her turn to seize the day. She told me she’d be leaving Midgard for good. Wearing the garbs of the Church, she conjured her last Warp Portal and gave her parting words: Do send my regards to everyone. Sadly, I will miss out on seeing your growth, but I hope this would help in your new journey. I'm awaiting the moment when we would stumble upon each other again. She handed out an old book, with an inverted cross for a cover design, and had ten small diamond-shaped Oridecons on the spine. Flickering lights dissipate as she entered her portal. As I opened the peculiar book, a small note was inserted: "May you ever live out your days in happiness. Carpe diem." - Glace
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    Forum Name: Godzilla Old In-Game Name: Godzilla Current In-Game Name: Godzilla Story: 'The Hunt for Sohee - EOH 22:32' It all started one mid afternoon on June 12th, the IntenseRO OBT had started and I was pumped to make my mark as a monk in Midgard ! I smashed through Payon Dungeon heal bombing EVERYTHING ! as an Acolyte. Proved myself as a monk and decided to go hunt a Sohee card; at this point I did not know the fault of my ways. Off I went, Payon Dungeon, no one could stop a monk, not even Sohee ! Just to note, Sohee card is a staple for a monk, easy enough to hunt, or so I thought. But, what I also told myself, was that, I'd hunt this Sohee card first THEN make a hunter. Now being the stubborn type, I regretfully kept my word. And so it went a bit like this: *Triple PUNCH !* *Sohee dies* "oh this is easy". I was telling myself...but then, it didn't stop. Day 1: **15 hours later** *Triple PUNCH !* *Sohee Dies* "Okay, pls drop your card" Day 2: **15 hours later** *Triple PUNCH !* *Sohee dies* "I see nothing but darkness, my soul taken" - At this point, I've had GM's visit me, players visit me and the servers meme for hunting Sohee >.> Day 3: **15 hours later** *Triple PUNCH !* *Sohee Dies* "Sohee Card exists, Sohee Card exists, Sohee card exists, NO IT DOESN'T !" - I kept telling myself the card was real. Day 4: What a beautiful day 4 was, late into the night, I did my final punch. Hunting Sohee for 4 days since OBT, I knew it existed, I knew it. Just look below to what happened next; I was so excited ! I beat Sohee ! I got her card ! and now... she's my slave: End Of Hunt: 22:32 - Godzilla was born. Bonus Screenshot - The people celebrated with me.
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    Forum Name: PITI Old In-Game Name: Pitiful Character (or something like this, I really forgot) Current In-Game Name: PITI Story: I had a nice guild, I forgot the name, it’s so active, though were not really winning, maybe sometimes, but still we’re happy, I think that’s what’s important. Usually after guildwars, were given salary. There’s this player, which was so irritated with me as I’m too talkative, and we became enemies. I tried to bully him further as were enemies, and thing is, we got closer, we became friends. We hunt bosses together, and I still bully him, although pissed off, he’s still laughing. His IGN was Protege, he told me it’s a spell in Harry Potter, but who cares. There was this time that we both went to jail, I forgot the reason, and were laughing so hard and I told him, let s get our characters married. So we got married and went to Jawai for honeymoon. Still talking about school, and knew a lot of things about each other. Then suddenly he went cold, and then stopped seeing my character. I was like “arte mo”, and thinking what the hell happened. After a day of not talking, he texted me and says, he likes me and blah blah. I mean were both guys, well I guess not anymore, so we became virtual boyfriends, and I loved the server even more. I haven’t seen him though, he saw me several times in video chats (I think yahoo messenger). And, after several months of being in a relationship, it ended, several reasons, but mainly it’s because of me. I’m not joining this competition for the prize, but mainly just to let you know I’m really sorry for the stupid decisions I’ve made. I don’t really want to play this game anymore, because it reminds me of you. But, I am still hoping I can see you once again. -End of story. PS: I wrote you poem way back, because I don't have a way of sending you a gift, because of the secrets you have, that your address is still unknown to me. Your name is Christopher Ar****, and if you're reading this, hi. I kept this poem all these years. But, I never knew ill be posting this again. THE GAME OF LOVE I - I maybe just a simple guy, L - Living a life that's full of cry, O - Or maybe im a nobody, V - Veiled by the love of somebody. E - Ever Loving and supportive, Y - You chase the stars and never leave, O - Only for me, the one you love, U - Under the seas and skies above. P - Pyramids continued the quest, I - In Moscovia, theyve seen the best, T - Training grounds is where we started, I - In Glast heim, where weve been haunted. P - Prontera, where we first met R - Ragnarok, game, connects our breath O - On Jawai, the lovers City T - Thors, a kiss of eternity M - Million miles that separate us, W - We have been connected by trust, A - A life that's full of love and hope H - Humming till the end of the slope Thanks.
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    The Ultimate Card/Equips Hunting Guide " This is all based on my own personal EXPERIENCE playing iRo and hunting cards for almost a week. Some may say its not true, some may say its the other way around but regardless its all about cards and RNG at the end of the day. " - Johnny Sins 1. First Tip: Know what card/equip to hunt and check if it is worthy of your time. There are cards in the market that are currently high selling such as mimic card (approx 5m - 7m as of 6/27/2020) and low selling card like sohee card (500k - 1m). Spending time in hunting low price cards is not worthy in my personal opinion. The amount you spend for sohee card, for example 1 - 2 days (depending on your luck tho) is not justifiable for the effort. Why not spend half a day farming loots and just buy the card directly from a player? 2. Second Tip: Use a character that can kill mobs faster and trample those mother effin mobs. Getting cards is Ragnarok in any server is based on the drop rates and RNG (Random Number Generator) = "RANDOM". So having a character that can kill mobs fast is better, it means "More chances of drawing that card/item you would want to have". Let me give you an example, hunting a Marc Card in Byalan 4 using, A. Hunter - Fast attack speed and long range but it is still "SINGLE TARGET" B. Knight - Can tank mobs easily and have AOE spell (Kalbow Ling Bash) to put it in simple perspective, let say A Hunter can kill 15-30 mobs in 1 minute since it is single target, "FLY - DS - FLY - DS" or "FLY - Normal Attack - Fly Normal Attack" <--- which is slower in my opinion compared to a Knight that can lure and kill 30-50 mobs in 1 minute, "lure - BB - lure -BB". If you would ask me, 30-50 chances in RNG is better right 3. Third Tip: Hunt in a location where there is the HIGHEST mobs count. It would definitely be faster and easier to hunt if you go to the place where the mobs respawn place is 50% or higher and an "instant spawn rate". Combining the second tip with this third definitely means more RNG CHANCES!! Given these spawn rates, Hunting Vadon in Level 2 is the best option to take. 4. Fourth Tip: Taking breaks for each hunt is really beneficial IMO. When you are in a scenario where you are hunting for 2 or more cards, having intervals really helps you in hunting. Since cards is all about "RNG" and "Luck" spending 8 hours straight just to hunt one card is not healthy for you. Lets say you want to have Mimic Card and at the same time Mantis Card, why not plan your schedule? Instead of hunting 8 hours straight Mimic Card and you would only transfer to Mantis Card once you got one, why not. "Spend 3.5 hours for Mimic, 3.5 hours for Mantis and 1 hour for talking and socializing with you GUILDMATES? " Some people would say it doesn't matter but actually it does. Spending 8 hours hunting for only one specific card takes a toll on you. Since FRUSTRATION would keep on building as more time you spend on 1 single monster and "NOT GETTING ANYTHING". 5. Fifth Tip: Don't compare and get envy with others. My fifth tip would be "DON'T COMPARE and GET ENVY" when other players got the card you've been hunting for more than a day, well maybe the god of Luck is with them. There is a saying ENVY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, don't rush and pressure yourself to get that item or card and end up shouting in #Main out of frustration. Everyone has their own time to shine, don't rush and put yourself in pressure. Just enjoy the moment you and that monster spend together. You might build a relationship with it and eventually drop that JUICY card/item. Play some great music and sing along while hunting the card, improve your SINGING CAPABILITY while hunting. Congratulate players that "GRADUATED" and have gotten the card/item you've been dreaming. Having an additional friend to your list is not bad. 6. Final Tip: Take a goddamn BATH!! Wash that bad luck straight down to the drain. Maybe your stinky smell add up to your frustration right? Kidding aside. I myself is a superstitious person and always taking a bath first before I start to hunt (LOL ) and so far it never fails me, I always get that card/item i've been trying to get. Why not try some rituals before hunting or doing something? Like for example whenever i open 100 boxes of OBB, I first go to refiner and break 1 weapon to remove bad luck. Some may say this doesn't work but trust me IT WORKS SOMETIMES!! its all about positiveness. At the end the day it all falls in RNG/Random/Luck/Chances. Those rituals MAY or MAY NOT help you but I know for a fact that it helps you set a proper mood before hunting. Setting proper mindset is a big boost to your hunt. TRUST ME!
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    Forum Name: Calvados Link to Entry: https://imgur.com/a/5JMmQQB Short description of the artwork: Magic whooshes, church hymns, flipping pedestrian signs. Times a hundred.
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    FORUM NAME: Keitaro In-Game Name: Keitaro I came, I saw, I loved. It was a calm summer night, I was young, naïve and I knew I was looking for something. It was indefinite and I was directionless. Venturing into a familiar world under a pretense romance, I had my fill of laughter, excitement and success. In reality, I was in isolation, but in this new world; I was free, and I can be whatever I wanted to be. Starting to crave for attention, affirmation, and validation that I was receiving in this world, I basked in psuedo-reality and got consumed by these things that I was chasing after. The reality that I have left is already ringing it’s bell, asking what is due. The person that led me to this world, left me, and I was just left alone, cold and berated. Alas... While laying low, I started anew; and as the blessed rains swept, I found myself sitting with a prism full of friends. I learned how to accept myself, and to be myself is the easiest way to be loved. We had myriads of adventures, we go to guild wars, we had a leeching guild, discovered hidden spots, collected headgears, congratulated each other on celebrated life events, did a buddy check on each’s mental and physical state, and it was one of the best feeling ever. Does karma exist? Have I been doing well in projecting good karma? For me to have an extraordinary set of friends, or is it the Universe telling me that kindness is innate and the world indeed is a gentle place. IntenseRO has been a heck of a ride for me, but I am forever grateful to my friends, that helped me find my voice, pushed me to keep moving, and taught me to love genuinely. Veni Vidi Amavi
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    Forum Name: Violet Chachki Old In-Game Name: -na- Current In-Game Name: Violet Chachki Story: Serendipity I am a new player to the server, so my IntenseRO story does not really go back a long way compared to pioneer players who can share countless stories of victories, joy, and love for the game. Earlier this week I had a random chat with a fellow player in-game. He was kind to share his resources and time with a complete stranger, and helped me on numerous occasions to slowly build my main. Over our friendly chats while leeching, it surprised me how some random encounters can hit close to home. Our (his and mine) personal lives actually overlapped at some point in the near past. Six degrees of separation whomstve? Kidding. Although I won’t be elaborating on anything he shared with me, I will say that our paths crossing in-game has helped me reflect on a painful part of my life that I’ve been burdened with for exactly a year today. Despite still carrying that, this coincidence made me see how much I’ve overcome. So it is in this regard that I hope he’ll be able to do the same thing: stay strong, move on, heal and grow. To end my very brief sharing, an open letter to this player: it was truly serendipitous to meet you. I’m grateful for all your help, and most especially your trust. I’m here if you need someone to chat with. Glad to play with a new found friend. Daghang Salamat
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    Forum Name: Sarawat Link to Entry: Short description of the artwork: Reliving IntenseRO
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    *Well most of us needs a fresh start in life, so why not have a reset!* Official Classic RO Players are well aware that we should be REALLY careful in allotting skill and status points, because there is NO turning back. (Well at least until the Neuralizer was introduced at the later episodes) The Reset System was just introduced by private servers for player's convenience and just because IT WAS REALLY NEEDED! and it made our RO Gaming Experience much AWSM! Now I'll walk you through the different options we have here at our server on how we can Reset our Skills and Stats and their corresponding conditions *_* This guide is updated as of JULY 10 2020 As a general advice to every player, plan out your Skill and Stat placement because resetting always involve costs may it be MONETARY or by doing QUESTS, so if it's possible for you not to do any reset at all, then CHEERS! ...but if you responded YES! to this topic's title, then keep on reading to see your options. We have the Almighty "RESET GIRL" If you are over Level 70, and would still want to reset *_* FEAR NOT *_* These are the current options: 1.) CASH SHOP PURCHASE 2.) ATTENDANCE CHECK (attendance check calendar offers a chance of getting a reset item. The sample below was taken from the attendance check from when the server was launched last JUNE 12) 3.) Mission Board! (for Neuralizer) 4.) HUNTING MISSIONS! 5.) LUCKY PORINGS! These Lucky Porings can be found at a specific announced hour on each map, and they have a mid range chance in dropping a Neuralizer or an Account Bound Status Reset Potion! REMEMBER: Reset Items that were obtained thru the Mission Boards and the Hunting Missions NPC are ACCOUNT BOUND There you have it! I'll be updating this post from time to time and additional information and suggestions for improvement are always welcome at the comment section! Was this helpful? Leave a Like! (^_^) TYSM
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    Forum Name: JohnnySins In Game Name: Johnny Sins (with space) Entry Link: https://i.imgur.com/9aV74kp.jpg?1 Short description of the artwork: I always forget to use @autoloot.
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    Forum Name: Sarawat Old In-Game Name: - Current In-Game Name: Sarawat Story: Friendship I started my IntenseRO journey with my friend, Violet Chachki, however she started first and I just came along. I created my acolyte to catch up with her and support her while we were leveling. Though, it was tough trying to grind when it was just the two of us. We met some friends along the way, leveling in GH until we reached 2nd job and I'm a priest yay! Traveling to different dungeons just to get better exp to level up. As time flies, our party mates vanished. It was a sad moment that they left, though I'm glad Chachki is still with me. For a few days I got busy and tired, so I stopped playing for a while... when I came back Chachki was already 99 and I was 92. She made her hunter Naomi. When Naomi almost reached my level, we agreed to each other that we’ll make my Priest reach 99 ASAP!! We started at 1pm leveling ourselves killing Anolians in Comodo field. It is always fun to have a friend chatting with you while leveling. After killing so many Anolians, FINALLY! We got an Anolian Card after 4 hours! We took a break for an hour and went back grinding. Though, Chachki went AFK so only my hunter was with me to level up my priest and there I got another Anolian Card after an hour! We finished around 12 midnight but still I couldn’t reach 99 because I always die :<. For 11 hours of grinding, we were so tired, and my eyes were slowly closing. I can’t believe that I’m playing for so many hours having fun with a friend. I’m glad that I have Chachki is with me to make sane whenever I’m playing. Thank you Chachki!
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    Forum Name: EdwardEG Old In-Game Name: Edward EG Current In-Game Name: Edward EG Story: I would like to share the most exciting moments from my experience playing intense RO back then from 2010-2012. WoE schedule back then was so hectic as there were morning and evening WoEs for both trans and third jobs. I participated in almost every WoE and joined various guilds from Indonesian, Filipinos, American to Malaysian guilds. Made a lot of new friends and eventually we created a guild for 3rd job WoE and I was nominated to become its leader. During early days of leadership, we had less members and were outnumbered by the other 2 large guilds. So instead of dominating castles, we focused more on GvG. Eventually, we were able to take down enemies using only limited manpower until one day, one of the large guilds decided to merge with us. As our guild grew bigger, we were able to take down the other opposing faction until we eventually were able to compete in conquering castles, agit lords and getting Wildcard majority votes that lead us to get slots for participating Fortress Lords GvG events. Ever since I became a guild leader, my usual activities for farming/social chat drastically turns into managing WoE rosters, reviews and giving guidance to every member whenever they need. During WoE, there were always tensions and heart-throbbing moments especially during the last minute before WoE ends as we need to defend or dominate the emperium. Finally, the epic moment comes when winning Fortress Lords. People are lining up in the savepoint to receive salary bonus as if they are lining up to buy a fresh launched new type of smartphone! Most of all, I have enjoyed and glad to play 3rd job WoE in IntenseRO which I have never experienced from other private servers. Thank you IntenseRO for such a wonderful experience!
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    Me and our friends have been winning some IRO gift bags here and there in events. So we decided to make a thread on what can be obtained from the giftbag. we opened 14 Gift bags now and here's some stuff that you can get there. JACKPOT TIER: 1x Robo Eyes TRASH TIER: Bossnia Ticket LUK REDUC POTION STR REDUC POTION INT REDUC POTION (EdwardEG) SYLIST TICKET ENRICHED ORIDECON BOX ENRICHED ELUNIUM BOX Feel free to post here on what you got from it! I'll add it into the list.
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    There you have it! I'll be updating this post from time to time and additional information and suggestions for improvement are always welcome at the comment section! Was this helpful? Leave a Like! (^_^) TYSM
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    ** Intense RO introduced an amazing life hack on how we can farm Experience Points with ease! ** INTRODUCING.... "PRETZEL" & "COLA" So... What's so great about these Pretzels and Colas? Well, these are cheap and better alternatives to standard potions in the game. These are specifically made for low level characters, to help them in farming experience points Where can I get these? There you have it! I'll be updating this post from time to time and additional information and suggestions for improvement are always welcome at the comment section! Was this helpful? Leave a Like! (^_^) TYSM
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    Winner Announcement IntenseRO congratulates 𝗖𝗮𝗹𝘃𝗮𝗱𝗼𝘀 for winning the IntenseRO Story Event! His story made use of descriptive language, actions and dialogue that take readers to the scene as if they were actually there. “She handed out an old book, with an inverted cross for a cover design, and had ten small diamond-shaped Oridecons on the spine.” The beautiful word choice that never skipped on details made the entry stand out. In second place are Godzilla and Kira. They both had such good stories that each left the reader with a different feeling. However, the other’s strength was the other contender’s weakness. Kira’s strength was in describing her characters, setting, and the heroine’s feelings - making readers feel as if they were in the background, hovering near the bushes, and looking back to their own memory. Godzilla, on the other hand, had a lot of appropriately placed exciting action words that gave the readers something to root for. Prizes will be given to the winners and participants via RODEX. Thank you for joining!
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    Dearest Adventurers, Thank you for starting your journey with us. We have accomplished many great achievements in just three weeks. We've squashed bugs together. We've defeated pirates exploiting our resources. We have upgraded and developed our world to make it indisputably ours. And, most importantly, we've built a stronger bond as a community. We couldn't have done these many feats without you. And with the nearing of our true opening, we want to make sure that we're setting the best stage for our little adventure. We hope that you can grant us a little of your time for this survey. We all have a stake in this world that we're creating, and your input and most honest feedback is vital to our growth. Finally, to thank you for the time spent on the survey, we will be giving a Bubblegum Box to each respondent who answers the survey completely. -IntenseRO Team Link to the IntenseRO OBT Survey: https://forms.gle/178TYNQzAG6xT6d67
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    Forum Name: Dice In-Game Name: Dice Story: 2nd Chance I was only seeing the facebook posts (via share your server) for Intense Ragnarok Online few weeks back and I just keep on scrolling whenever I see it. Then one day I decided to try it and waited for the opening. Upon playing, I met a lot of people with different characters. Some are very helpful, funny and witty, but there are also players that only aim to be the strongest. There's also 1 player that I met who taught me a lot of things some are good, but some are also very.. very bad. To cut the story short, I tried literally all of it. And the day I feared the most came, knowing that all my actions will have an impact. I was very nervous and frightened of what may happen to my character, thinking that all the hours and days I enjoyed playing the game will come to an end. But hey, I've got to tell you, the GMs are very considerate and very kind. We had a serious talk, they made me realize that all they have are good intentions when they created the server. And it hit me right on the spot, thinking "what am I trying to do!?". These are times when you'll know, these GMs? heh, we are being taken care of. And there, we have a new Dice promised to never do bad again. So now, I'm trying to be as helpful as I can be to others. #IntenseRagnarokOnlineSagaofDice #AlwaysRollTheDice
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    Forum Name:MindMachine In-Game Name:Amore Story: New Beginning I am new to the server and haven't play the previous one way back but I am a fan of Ragnarok way back 2003 when it was launch here in our country. My guildmates and I from other private server decided to play here in IntenseRO due to one of our guildmate played here before and it was a fun community. During the OpenBeta last June 12 we decided to give it a go and we have a good run killing Geographers in Juno without having any items to begin with. Days past and my guildmates started to laylow and decided to rest since we jump from one server to another. Moving forward I was left alone hunting, leveling and gearing up my items even if the RNG Lord is not on my side [insert /sob here] I just grinded and farm like there's no tomorrow to build my Hunter's equipment. My other guildmate joined his previous guild way back in 2009. But I was determined to still continue even if I don't know anyone to party with or to talk to. As days passed by I tried joining on the in-game events and tried to communicate in the global chat and help others with as much as I know about the game. This way I didn't feel that I was being left out or alone. Haven't really have someone in game that was really close to me but luckily my guildmate on the other server invited me to join their guild and I accepted the invitation with no hesitation. Meet some new in-game friends and discuss something with regards to different builds that will be use for PVE and PVP. I am looking positively forward on playing in this server because of the events and community and I really miss having the Third Job Class and doing Endless Tower Run. As long as Ragnarok exists I will never get tired of playing even if it means to always start a "New Beginning. The passion will always be there. "RoK On" as the saying goes.
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    Forum name: ROnerd In-game name: Skooma, ROgeek Old in-game name: Vigil, MyLPisBiggerthanyours Story: And there we were, entering the battle for the first time on the server. As the battle unfolds before us, we can't help but wonder how mighty our guild had become... We were battle-hardened, expert in the field of War! We marched slowly making our way into the depths of the castle, killing everyone who didn't have our guild emblem. We were soldiers, they were like savages. It's way they fought. They charged mindlessly from every direction trying to damage or slay at least a member of our ranks. They out-numbered us 5 to 1, but to us it didn't matter. We proceeded and never letting a gap in between our members. Enemies froze as the gusts of our storm swept their ranks; They burned and crushed as we summoned the boulders of fire right on top of their ground. Bombs and arrows flew and killed those who stood in range. Some tried to flee, but most of them were unable to move as my gypsy screamed her lungs out. No it wasn't a battle. It was not the battle we were used to, not the battle we were expecting. It was a slaughter. At that time we knew, nobody on this server can stop us. Alas, we took the castle, the castle they were desperately defending. It was their home. Ah yes.. it was theirs, they held dominion of the server until we arrived. They'd never seen nothing like us. They'd never fought anybody like us. Our guild set the standards on how a battle should be fought. We knew we started something special, like a boulder being dropped on a pond that the waves sets it's motion. It had an effect on everyone. They called us many things; conquerors, legends, gurus. But what we really were......Inferno.
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    Greetings, adventurers! We're glad to announce that the Hunting Missions and the Mission Boards NPCs are getting updates. Starting today, you'll be able to get Neuralizers, and Status Reset Potions from these two. Dungeon Coins are now available via Hunting Missions! Want some Dungeon Coins? You may now purchase Dungeon Coins via Hunting Missions. Two new headgears were also added to the Prontera Mission Boards. Please do check them out! - IntenseRO Team
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    Falcon Breeder Guide Go to Payon and enter Central Palace located at (payon 90, 163) Inside the palace, go to the first portal located at the right side (payon 80,99) There you have it! You can now rent your falcon from the Falcon Breeder (payon_in01 130 77)
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    Have you ever seen people link and sell this certain headgear that gives level 5 double attack and makes you wonder how you can get one but people are selling it expensively? No worries, here's a guide to help you get one which would effectively boost your grinding potential Requirements: * At least 700k zeny (less if you win some hourly events) * Patience What is needed to craft the Snake Head: * 18 Kafra Coins What are Kafra coins: * One of the in game item currencies. They can be acquired by exchanging kafra points. 50k kafra points = 1 kafra coin What are kafra points: * A system (non item) currency. You get 1 kafra point for every 1 zeny spent on npc sevices (i.e 500z for storage = 500 kafra points) Let's do the math: * You neeed 18 kafra coins which means thats 18 * 50,000 = 900,000 points = 900,000 zeny But wait, you said you only need 700k * Day 4 attendance reward is 4 kafra coins which means you only need to gather 14 more coins for the headgear. How do I turn my 700k zeny into points? Here are some example * Spam Kafra teleport service - Currently, the best would be Izlude -> Alde -> Izlude as there is less walking distance to the kafra for quick teleports * Open storage and close storage. Yup, just do this until you burn 700k zeny. * The fastest one. Talk to the healer and let him heal you 700 times. To do this, place the dialog box so that the option "Heal" is on top of the healer npc. From there just left click like a madman until you burn 700k getting healed. I now have 700k kafra points, what now? * Go to prontera (@go 2) then walk to the right of the refine building and talk to the KP exchanger NPC (Prontera 200,191) and ask her to change your points to coins. She'll ask how many coins you want. Just ask for 14 since 700k/50k is 14 (#quickmaths) * Ok great, I have 18 Kafra coins, what now? * You can now use it to buy the headgear. Go to the Kafra Coin Collector NPC (Prontera 184 176). Talk to her then buy the snake head. After all this, now enjoy your snake head as you now have level 5 double attack which would boost your farming capability
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    I'll give you the drop rates of the good ones that popped! Robo Eyes : 0.05% Rainbow Scarf : 9% Blue Pajama Hat : 39% Basically, the reduction potions are 59% and the ores, tickets are 89% EDIT: There's a higher tier than this v
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    I opened 10 and I remember getting Bossnia Tickets and a Blue Pajama Hat
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    Hi Fellow IntenseRO Players: Basically this guide will give you an idea on the Market Price of some of the most sought of: This is only based on my own experience since the OBT last June 12,2020. Feel free to share your thoughts and I'll be glad to hear them too. Basic Gears: Headgear: Apple O'Archer - Minimum: 700k Maximum: 900k Cap[1] - Minimum:30k Maximum: 80k Helm[1] - Minimum: 3.5M Maximum: 5M Snake Head Hat[1] - Minimum: 500k Maximum: 900k Binoculars - Minimum: 500k Maximum: 1M Blinkers[1] - Minimum: 6M Maximum: 8M Masquerade/Butterfly Mask - Minimum: 300k Maximum: 500k Romantic Flower - Minimum: 500k Maximum: 1M Armor: Chain Mail[1] - Minimum: 300k Maximum: 400k Formal Suit[1] - Minimum: 800k Maximum: 1.5M Mink Coat[1] - Minimum: 350k Maximum: 600k Saints Robe[1 ]- Minimum: 250k Maximum: 350k Silk Robe[1] - Minimum: 200k Maximum: 280k Tights[1] - Minimum: 800k Maximum: 1.5M Shield: Buckler[1] - Minimum: 450k Maximum: 600k Guard[1] - Minimum: 500k Maximum: 700k Mirror Shield[1] - Minimum: 700k Maximum: 1.3M Shield[1] - Minimum: 800k Maximum: 1.5M Garment: Hood[1] - Minimum: 50k Maximum: 100k Manteau[1] - Minimum: 1M Maximum: 2M Muffler[1] - Minimum: 400k Maximum: 500k Footgear: Boots[1] - Minimum: 700k Maximum: 900k Sandals[1] - Minimum: 30k Maximum: 50k Shoes[1] - Minimum: 300k Maximum: 400k Accessory: Brooch[1 ]- Minimum: 1.5M Maximum: 2.5M Clip[1] - Minimum: 900k Maximum: 1.3M Gloves[1] - Minimum: 3.8M Maximum: 5M Gloves[0] - Minimum: 300k Maximum: 500k Necklace[1] - Minimum: 3.5M Maximum: 4.5M Necklace[0]- Minimum: 300k Maximum: 500k Rosary[1]- Minimum: 500k Maximum: 800k Ring[1]- Minimum:8M Maximum:12M Cards: Headgear: Myst Case Card- Minimum:300k Maximum:800k Nightmare Card- Minimum:800k Maximum:1.5M Marduk Card- Minimum:700k Maximum:1M Armor: Marc Card- Minimum:2.5M Maximum:3.5M Pasana Card- Minimum:2M Maximum:3M Pupa Card- Minimum:500k Maximum:1M Thief Bug Card- Minimum:200k Maximum:350k Weapon: Cruiser Card- Minimum:700k Maximum:1M Drainliar Card- Minimum:500k Maximum:1M Female Thief Bug Card- Minimum:150k Maximum:300k Goblin Card- Minimum:700k Maximum:1.5M Hydra Card- Minimum:1M Maximum:2.5M Skeleton Worker Card- Minimum:1M Maximum:1.8M Minorous Card- Minimum:1.2M Maximum:3M Vadon Card- Minimum:700k Maximum:1.2M Garment: Jakk Card- Minimum:1.5M Maximum:2.5M Raydric Card- Minimum:3M Maximum:4M Shield: Andre Egg Card- Minimum:400k Maximum:1.5M Thara Frog Card- Minimum:1M Maximum:2M Footgear: Male Thief Bug Card- Minimum:200k Maximum:400k Matyr Card- Minimum:2M Maximum:3.5M Verit Card- Minimum:2.5M Maximum:3.5M Sohee Card- Minimum:400k Maximum:800k Eggyra Card- Minimum:800k Maximum:1.5M Merman Card- Minimum:1.8M Maximum:2.5M Accessory: Zerom Card- Minimum:3.5M Maximum:4.5M Mimic Card- Minimum:6M Maximum:7.5M Kukre Card- Minimum:1M Maximum:2M Phen Card- Minimum:2M Maximum:3M Mantis Card- Minimum:2M Maximum:3.5M Tarou Card- Minimum:700k Maximum:1M Weapons: Arbalest[2]- Minimum:500k Maximum:800k Chain[3]- Minimum:300k Maximum:500k Composite Bow[4]- Minimum:200k Maximum:300k Gakkung[2]- Minimum:700k Maximum:1M Orc Archer Bow- Minimum:1.8M Maximum:3M Pike[4]- Minimum:50k Maximum:150k Saber[3]- Minimum:1.2M Maximum:1.8M Two-Handed Axe[2]- Minimum:250k Maximum:350k Two-Handed Sword[2]- Minimum:150k Maximum:250k * I didn't include the Elemental Weapons because it will depend on the tier of the weapon and the element you wanted. Free forge are available with some of our Forgers. You just need to bring the required ingredients to forge. * I didn't include the Upgraded Items since it will be dependent on the price of the seller which is fair for them in my opinion. I hope this will gave you an idea on how much the basic necessities are priced. If you think that the price is not good enough. It is still up to you to decide. Basically this will just give you an idea as a seller or buyer. PS: This is basically on my observation on the volatility of the item/market. Which includes(No.of Buyers/No. of Hunters/Willing Sellers and No. of Players in the Server)
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    Winner Announcement Both scoring 87.3%, IntenseRO congratulates @Daddy and @Kira for winning the IntenseRO Loading Screen Art Contest! Daddy's strength was in his beautifully branded loading screen, which makes use of IntenseRO colors, cutesy look, and multi-purpose art. "Reminiscent of what loading screens should be," the artist's concept captured what players need in that tiny window of time - a clean and refreshing screen to look at, coupled with some wellness checks or game tips. Kira, on the other hand, made a visually powerful 3D art that takes the old players of IntenseRO back to those Endless Tower runs they used to have before hitting the hay. The image takes the same old players, and the new ones to exciting times ahead. The image captures the artist's fondness of the Endless Tower beautifully, leaving an impression of both heart-stopping action and nostalgic longing. Prizes will be given to the winners and participants via RODEX. Thank you for joining!
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    Thank you for joining the event! Again, allow us to explain to you how you were graded. This event had 3 judges, namely the two administrators (Kazumi and Verity) and a guest judge (Ray Darkwolf). We used the following criteria and guide questions in judging the entries: Originality (35) Is it original? Does it make the IntenseRO brand better? Visual Impact (30) Wow factor. Does it leave an impression on you? Aesthetic Quality (30) Is it visually appealing? Are the elements well-balanced? Notes from the Panel Judge A Judge A's primary focus is originality. She looked at how the contents would appear or could be used on the website. Top picks: Kira, Daddy Judge B Judge B focused on how the entries function as loading screens, how the elements fit together, and the entries' composition. She took good note of the logo placement and editing (if any). The size was also considered. A few entries were noted for not having placed the IntenseRO logo optimally on the art. An entry also noticeably missed to fix and retain the original ratio of the logo. Composition wise, Judge B took note of the focal points in each entry. A lot of the entries cramped elements into one area, making things unbalanced. And missing what could have been the better focal point. One of the entries' focal point was the background, and not the characters. Collectively, Judge B and C noted that the chicken in Keitaro's entry was from a different game. Top picks: Kira, Daddy, Sarawat/Meika Judge C Judge C focused more on the aesthetic quality of each entry, the entries' overall composition, and how they could work as loading screens. She was also very particular with the logo placement. She pointed out the different colors, hues and tints used. She noted how Kira's and Calvados' entries could have been improved if the lighting wasn't as dark. She applauds Sarawat and Daddy for a clean loading screen look, that would allow for your eyes to rest while the game is loading. She likes how Daddy's work gives tips and is reminiscent of what loading screens are meant to function. He also found the image simple but "very cute." She states that she would give more points if Daddy created a half-body instead of the head only. She applauds Kira's work for the its level of difficulty, and for taking note of the details of the Mini Boss, Naght. However, she noted how the texture could have been tamed. Looking at the meme entry by RedBlood and the cursing poring by JohnnySins, she noted how the participants missed the opportunity to create a comic strip comprised of in-game screenshots. Top picks: Kira, Daddy, Sarawat Winners to be announced tomorrow!
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    the default size is 1024 x 768 anything lesser will mess up the character creation screen.
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    Share your most memorable, funniest or most unique IntenseRO story with us, and get the chance to have your story be featured in one of our quests! Mechanics You must have a forum account to join this event. Multiple submissions is not allowed. Any and all additional submissions will be disqualified. Your story must be uniquely yours. Story must be at most 300 words long. Deadline for submissions is on June 30, 2020. Rewards are to be given via RODEX. Submissions Submit your entries by replying to this thread, following the format: Forum Name: In-Game Name: Story: Criteria for Judging All entries will be judged with the following criteria: Content : 50% Descriptive language : 20% Point of view : 30% Rewards Winning Entry 5 Link Coins 1 90-Day VIP Status Ticket 5 IntenseRO Gift Bags First Runner-Up 1 60-Day VIP Status Ticket 3 IntenseRO Gift Bags Second Runner-Up 1 30-Day VIP Status Ticket 1 IntenseRO Gift Bag Consolation Prize: 1 IntenseRO Gift Bag Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions The participant grants IntenseRO non-exclusive, irrevocable rights to use the submitted stories. All winning entries will be used by IntenseRO as reference stories for upcoming quests. Each participant is permitted only one entry. Entries submitted outside of the contest period and multiple entries (including those linked to other accounts) will not be considered. All materials must be original, and uniquely from the player's personal experience. Write-ups containing offensive, obscene, immoral, infringing, pornographic, and defamatory words shall be disqualified. The participant assures that the story is an original work, guarantees that the submitted literature does not infringe on the rights of third parties. IntenseRO reserves the right to change or alter details of this event.
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    IntenseRO Trailer Contest 11 July to 11 August 2020 This event is open to all players of IntenseRO. A forum account is needed to join. All video submissions should be unpublished, original films by the participants. Players may only submit one entry. All interested players must submit her/his entry via this thread with the following information: In-game Name: Link to Entry: Short description of the video: Please be sure that you are 100% satisfied before submitting your entry. Changes to the submitted trailer will not be allowed. Entries that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified. Video Length: not more than 3 minutes Aspect Ratio: 9:16 Resolution: 1920 x 1080px File Format: .mp4 Trailers will be judged based on the following criteria: Adherence to the IntenseRO brand – 30% Visual Design – 15% Editing – 20% Cinematography– 20% Sound Design– 15% Winner 1 Costume Fox Ears Bell 1 30-day VIP Status Ticket 10 Link Coins 50 Event Coins 10 IntenseRO Gift Bags 1 Bubblegum (10) Box 1st Runner-up 1 Black Tea Kochakaden Hat 1 30-day VIP Status Ticket 7 IntenseRO Gift Bags 7 Link Coins 25 Event Coins 2nd Runner-up 1 Campus Festival Hat 1 30-day VIP Status Ticket 5 IntenseRO Gift Bags 3 Link Coins 25 Event Coins Consolation 3 IntenseRO Gift Bags 20 Event Coins 1 Stylist Ticket Winners will be revealed on 15 August 2020 Terms and Conditions The participant grants IntenseRO non-exclusive, irrevocable rights to use the submitted videos. All winning entries will be used by IntenseRO in all its channels. Each participant is permitted only one entry. Entries submitted outside of the contest period and multiple entries (including those linked to other accounts) will not be considered. All videos must be original, specifically made for this contest. Offensive, obscene, immoral, infringing, pornographic, and defamatory content shall be disqualified. The participant assures that the design is an original work, guarantees that the submitted film does not infringe on the rights of third parties. Cut-off score for this event is 80. Entries that do not meet the cut-off score shall not be part of the top 3, even when the sequence says so. IntenseRO reserves the right to change or alter details of this event. For questions about eligibility and other guidelines, please contact Verity via the Discussion Thread or Discord Event Discussion Channel.
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    June 2020 - Potion Master
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    Changelog: Patch * Added another Singapore Proxy for Asian players which would give better latency for Malaysian and Indonesian Players as well as some players from Middle east.
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    You are new to the server? You are stuck and keep asking where to farm? You don't know what char should you use for the first time? You feel worthless because you don't have zeny? This thread maybe suitable for you! This guide is updated as at: 12 July 2020 *Added possible equipment in the future after Juno Episode 5.0 and will change depending on server's dynamic changelogs Did you miss playing warlock jackfrost like me back then in early IntenseRO server? We do have a 'classic' version of this jackfrost skill which we call it "Sightrasher" BOTH jackfrost and sightrasher applications are similar, you use the skill when mobs are all around you. However, sightrasher range area of effect is 7x7. It's better to maximize this skill level and use it for mob farming. Why mob farming? Because this server has 2x monster spawn and therefore, we should take advantage for getting more kills to obtain more loots to gain zeny easily. In fact, you can also kill certain types of mobs to gain items from accessory cards. One of them is giftbox / old blue box from mystcase card and mimic card. Imagine if you can kill more mobs, you get better chance to gain giftbox/old blue box that will get you random items.. who knows you can get lucky items such as Emperium Anvil / rares from these 'fortune cookies' Why sightrasher? Isn't LoV/MS/SG better? Sightrasher LV 10 Pros - Kills ALL ON SIGHT within 7x7 area (but chance to miss some mobs since sightrasher moves at 8 directions all around the user) - VARIABLE CAST TIME IS ONLY 0.5 SEC MAXIMUM unlike the annoying long cast time from LoV/MS/SG skill - Deals FIRE Damage that can be used against Earth and Undead Monsters - PUSHBACK opponents around you - Much better mob skill than Swordman's Magnum Break skill. And very effective to be used in a small map that is fully filled with monsters. Cons - Consumes 63 SP in total that is, 10 SP (Sight) + 53 SP (Lv 10 Sightrasher) which is way too high (but wizard's high SP pool covers the problem with the help of Lv 10 SP recovery if you learn it) - You need to cast Sight first then only you can use sightrasher - Deals LOW damage. Not suitable to be used for mobs that has higher MHP - Sightrasher lv 10 will no longer be used when you can be able to cast other AoE skills faster when you finally have endgame gears What about equipments? Miracelously, you can farm sightrasher without wearing anything but a weapon! That's right.. I'M NAKED! I DON'T USE ANYTHING except Arc Wand that can be bought from Weapon NPC in Geffen. That means sightrasher mob farming is VERY VERY SUITABLE to those who are totally newbie to the server. Where to use Sightrasher? - Payon Dungeon 01 (Or 02/03 if your damage is high enough) - Ant Hell 01/02 - Orc Dungeon 01/02 (or outside Orc Dungeon) - Coal Mine 01 (Or 02/03 if your damage is high enough) - Hidden Dungeon 01 - Geffen Dungeon 01 - Payon Field 02 or other places that have low MHP mobs Tips: These dungeons are easily accessible from Dungeon NPC Warper (1 Kafra Coin to activate the warper for the first time). If you use VIP, you can get Agi + Bless from Healer NPC so if you run out of Agi bless buff during mob farming you can return to savepoint, buff up, re-enter the dungeon to mob farming and repeat.. You can gear up your wizard to make your sightrasher do better damage and increase more survivability when you farm on other locations Recommended gears (Gears are updated as at Server's current Episode): Any gears that make your INT total sum up by multiple of 7 for increasing minimum MATK and multiple of 10 for increasing maximum MATK Head: Wizard Hat / Mage Hat / Magician Hat / Crown / Mistress Hat or any slotted hat with card that allows to obtain item by killing certain types of mobs: Cramp (Small amount of Zeny = Any) Dryad (Green Live = Plant) Leib Olmai (Red Blood = Brute) Myst Case (Gift Box = Any) Elder Willow (if you need INT stats) Mid/Low: Any Armor: Any slotted armor (Pupa/Roda Frog/ +1int from Evil Druid/baby desert wolf) or Mage Coat Shield: Guard (Thief bug egg card/Andre Egg card) or Memory Book set (with Pocket Watch + Monocle) Weapon: Arc Wand or Evil Bone Wand or Wizardry Staff/Soul Staff[but can't use shield]. Cards slot = Drops/Fabre Garment: Hood/Muffler (Raydric or Punk for chance to get quaqmire if you got overwhelmed) Shoes: Sandal/Shoes (Alarm/Sohee/Matyr/Verit) Accessories: Earringx2 (If you need INT stats) or Belt/Clip with card that allows to obtain item by killing certain types of mobs: Blazzer (Food Item = Any) Galapago (Apple/Banana/Carrot Juice = Insect) Gargoyle (Box of Thunder = Insect) Marin (Jellopy/Large Jellopy = Any) Mimic (Old Blue Box = Any) Orc Archer (Box of Panting = Demihuman) Raydric Archer (Box of Resentment = Demon) Sage Worm (Blue/Red/Yellow Gemstone = Any) Sea Otter (Sushi/Raw Fish = Fish) Sleeper (Box of Drowsiness = Fish) Spring Rabbit (Meat/Monster's Feed = Brute) Stem Worm (Box of Storms = Brute) Wraith (Giggling Box = Undead) or Creamy/Vitata/phen card for tele/Heal/Interruptable Custom server's equipment: Slotted Bunny Earplugs (Upper+Middle) from Link Coin NPC Slotted Elven Ears (Middle) from Link Coin NPC Black Frame Glasses (Middle) from Kafra Coin NPC Mage's Figure (Accessory) from Kafra Coin NPC Peacock Feather (Upper) from Cash Shop Red Glasses (Middle) from Cash Shop Possible alternate gears in the future when server is advancing to next Episode after Yuno 5.0 Mage Card Set: Bloody Butterfly (Accessory) Evil Nymph (Headgear) Harpy (Garment) Loli Ruri (Armor) Miyabi Doll (Footgear) Parasite (Shield) Aim for the bonus set: If used by a Mage job type, Increases MAtk by 3%. Reduces the cast time of skills by 15%. Accessories Cards that allows to obtain item by killing certain types of mobs: Anopheles (+3 AGI food = Insect) Armaia Dinze (+3 VIT food = Fish) Cloud Hermit (Box of Gloom = Plant) Dragon EGG (+3 INT food = Dragon) Dumpling Child (Candy/Candy Cane = Demihuman) Green Iguana/Grove (+3 Dex food = Formless) Gremlin (+3 STR good = Brute) Hermit (Red/Yellow/White = Plant) Jing Guai (Box of Sunlight = Angel) Plasma (Elemental resist potion = any) Retribution (+3 LUK food = Angel) Snowier (Ice cream = any) Tengu (random recovery items = Any) Headgear Cards that allows to obtain item by killing certain types of mobs: Giant Hornet (Wind of Verdure = Insect) Knocker (Rough ori/elu = Formless) Leaf Cat (Crystal Blue = Fish/Shellfish) Other cards that are useful: Isilla (Headgear) Noxious (Garment) Antique Firelock (+9/10 Shoes) Other equipments if there's possibility to be implemented in the future: Robo Eyes (Upper) Sigrun's Wing (Upper) Survivor's Rod INT (Weapon) Warlock's Magic/Battle Wand (BG Weapon) Magic Bible Vol 1 (Shield) Valkyrie's Shield (Shield) Any inputs for the guide are appreciated. Thanks and good luck having fun with the sightrasher mob farming!
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    I would assume IntenseRo surprise box is the generic name of all the boxes listed above and it being part of a box drop list just means that you either have a chance of getting a box one tier higher or the same tier box. Sort of like getting an opb from obb or another obb from the same obb.
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    Changelog: * Made Item restrictions for Soda and Pretzels ( cannot be used in PvP, MvP and Battlegrounds Maps , now usable until 99.) to be fair to grape juice makers, now chacracter bound. * Adjusted Soda to use the half the sp heal of grapes if base level is above 75, while below 75 retained. * Adjusted Pretzel Heal amount to 200-300 for base level below 75 and for above 100-200. * Some changes will be if you're 75~ soda and pretzel sells for 200, 100 each while if you're below 75 its 10z and 20z. * Dungeon Warper *~ Fixed Last Warp Option *~ Moved *~+ geffen 124,66 *~+ prt_fild05 277,223 *~+ izlude 139,95,3 *~ Removed the second morocc duplicate morocc 165,97 * NPC movement *~ Event Ladder in prontera to face 6 *~ Healer *~+ prt_fild05 279,222 *~ PvP Stats Viewer *~+prontera 138,161 *~ Pots & Stuff *~+ geffen 140,55,4 *~+ prt_fild05 292,228,6 *~ Materials Seller *~+ geffen 143,58,4 *~+ prt_fild05 292,231,6 *~ Pet Groomer *~+ geffen 146,61,4 *~+ prt_fild05 290,227,6 *~ Magical Item Seller *~+ geffen 149,64,4 *~+ prt_fild05 292,235,6 *~ GM Checker *~+ geffen 128,62,3 *~+ aldebaran 133,122,5 *~+ prt_fild05 287,219,1 *~+ izlude 112,116,4 *~ Bulletin Board *~+ geffen 124,74 *~ PVP Warper *~+ alberta 128,60 *~+ alberta 25,241 *~+ prt_fild05 278,235,8 *~+ izlude 136,84,3 *~ WOE Info *~+ prt_fild05 283,242 *~ Name Changer *~+ Brasilis 160,205,4 *~ Premium Cart Rental *~+ Brasilis 163,205,4 *~ Hunting Missions *~+ brasilis 192,163,4 *~ Branch Manager *~+ brasilis 200,163,4 * @noks set to 30 minutes you maye have to re-enable it after 30 minutes. * Removed the following NPCs ( I don't think we're gonna need them since we have the Dungeon Warper) *~ Cool Event Staff *~ Kafra Voting Staff * Added Class Figures to Kafra Shop / Kafra Coin Collector as per suggestion https://boards.intense-ro.com/index.php?/topic/153-first-class-figures-on-cash-shop/
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    oh Wow thank you so much for this one mate been a great help!
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    Can I join? Just kidding. Heads up to the event! Keep em coming
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