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  1. Yes forum account is different from the game account
  2. Interesting, I guess it's similar to how some miscellaneous items turned to apple.
  3. How do you do highlight items?
  4. Ohh so the code we have right now, e.g. on merchant figure "bonus bStr,1; if(BaseJob==Job_Merchant) bonus bCritical,5;" is correct?
  5. * Allowed succeeding classes to use the following (instead of reading by Class, updated it to use BaseJob Instead) I think with regards to this one, it should be BaseClass instead of BaseJob since the latter requires a specific 2nd job script-wise. Thou, i'm not really sure . I just patterned it to other items with similar effect.
  6. I would assume IntenseRo surprise box is the generic name of all the boxes listed above and it being part of a box drop list just means that you either have a chance of getting a box one tier higher or the same tier box. Sort of like getting an opb from obb or another obb from the same obb.
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