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  1. I opened 4 Gift Bags: 2 Dex Reduction Potions 1 Int Reduction Potion and a Rainbow Scarf
  2. ** Intense RO introduced an amazing life hack on how we can farm Experience Points with ease! ** INTRODUCING.... "PRETZEL" & "COLA" So... What's so great about these Pretzels and Colas? Well, these are cheap and better alternatives to standard potions in the game. These are specifically made for low level characters, to help them in farming experience points Where can I get these? There you have it! I'll be updating this post from time to time and additional information and suggestions for improvement are always welcome at the comment section! Was this helpful? Leave a Like! (^_^) TYSM
  3. Forum Name: Keitaro Link to Entry: https://imgur.com/tAlceBT Short description to the artwork: I miss my chimkin
  4. FORUM NAME: Keitaro In-Game Name: Keitaro I came, I saw, I loved. It was a calm summer night, I was young, naïve and I knew I was looking for something. It was indefinite and I was directionless. Venturing into a familiar world under a pretense romance, I had my fill of laughter, excitement and success. In reality, I was in isolation, but in this new world; I was free, and I can be whatever I wanted to be. Starting to crave for attention, affirmation, and validation that I was receiving in this world, I basked in psuedo-reality and got consumed by these things that I was chasing after. The reality that I have left is already ringing it’s bell, asking what is due. The person that led me to this world, left me, and I was just left alone, cold and berated. Alas... While laying low, I started anew; and as the blessed rains swept, I found myself sitting with a prism full of friends. I learned how to accept myself, and to be myself is the easiest way to be loved. We had myriads of adventures, we go to guild wars, we had a leeching guild, discovered hidden spots, collected headgears, congratulated each other on celebrated life events, did a buddy check on each’s mental and physical state, and it was one of the best feeling ever. Does karma exist? Have I been doing well in projecting good karma? For me to have an extraordinary set of friends, or is it the Universe telling me that kindness is innate and the world indeed is a gentle place. IntenseRO has been a heck of a ride for me, but I am forever grateful to my friends, that helped me find my voice, pushed me to keep moving, and taught me to love genuinely. Veni Vidi Amavi
  5. In-Game Name: Keitaro Link to forum post: Need a Skill/Stat Reset? https://boards.intense-ro.com/index.php?/topic/218-need-a-skillstat-reset/ Newbie Potions! https://boards.intense-ro.com/index.php?/topic/269-newbie-potions/
  6. *Well most of us needs a fresh start in life, so why not have a reset!* Official Classic RO Players are well aware that we should be REALLY careful in allotting skill and status points, because there is NO turning back. (Well at least until the Neuralizer was introduced at the later episodes) The Reset System was just introduced by private servers for player's convenience and just because IT WAS REALLY NEEDED! and it made our RO Gaming Experience much AWSM! Now I'll walk you through the different options we have here at our server on how we can Reset our Skills and Stats and their corresponding conditions *_* This guide is updated as of JULY 10 2020 As a general advice to every player, plan out your Skill and Stat placement because resetting always involve costs may it be MONETARY or by doing QUESTS, so if it's possible for you not to do any reset at all, then CHEERS! ...but if you responded YES! to this topic's title, then keep on reading to see your options. We have the Almighty "RESET GIRL" If you are over Level 70, and would still want to reset *_* FEAR NOT *_* These are the current options: 1.) CASH SHOP PURCHASE 2.) ATTENDANCE CHECK (attendance check calendar offers a chance of getting a reset item. The sample below was taken from the attendance check from when the server was launched last JUNE 12) 3.) Mission Board! (for Neuralizer) 4.) HUNTING MISSIONS! 5.) LUCKY PORINGS! These Lucky Porings can be found at a specific announced hour on each map, and they have a mid range chance in dropping a Neuralizer or an Account Bound Status Reset Potion! REMEMBER: Reset Items that were obtained thru the Mission Boards and the Hunting Missions NPC are ACCOUNT BOUND There you have it! I'll be updating this post from time to time and additional information and suggestions for improvement are always welcome at the comment section! Was this helpful? Leave a Like! (^_^) TYSM
  7. We really had fun! Looking forward to kill the remaining MVPs! We hope we can do this in the future when we get pumped up and with full equips! Thank You GM Kazumi for hosting! and GM Verity for tagging along! It was a really fun experience! *CRIES IN JAPANESE*
  8. Keitaro

    Monk Leveling Guide

    Meme of the Server lmao, goodluck on your next venture.
  9. Finish the First Aid Quest First! Then go for Play Dead
  10. Check Purchasing How To's here : https://boards.intense-ro.com/index.php?/forum/65-purchasing-how-tos-and-inquiries/
  11. https://boards.intense-ro.com/index.php?/forum/65-purchasing-how-tos-and-inquiries/ Purchased via Donation
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