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  1. Forum Name: Dice In-Game Name: Dice Story: 2nd Chance I was only seeing the facebook posts (via share your server) for Intense Ragnarok Online few weeks back and I just keep on scrolling whenever I see it. Then one day I decided to try it and waited for the opening. Upon playing, I met a lot of people with different characters. Some are very helpful, funny and witty, but there are also players that only aim to be the strongest. There's also 1 player that I met who taught me a lot of things some are good, but some are also very.. very bad. To cut the story short, I tried literally all of it. And the day I feared the most came, knowing that all my actions will have an impact. I was very nervous and frightened of what may happen to my character, thinking that all the hours and days I enjoyed playing the game will come to an end. But hey, I've got to tell you, the GMs are very considerate and very kind. We had a serious talk, they made me realize that all they have are good intentions when they created the server. And it hit me right on the spot, thinking "what am I trying to do!?". These are times when you'll know, these GMs? heh, we are being taken care of. And there, we have a new Dice promised to never do bad again. So now, I'm trying to be as helpful as I can be to others. #IntenseRagnarokOnlineSagaofDice #AlwaysRollTheDice
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