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  1. In-Game Name: Amore Link to Forum Post: https://boards.intense-ro.com/index.php?/topic/265-market-price-guide/
  2. Hi Fellow IntenseRO Players: Basically this guide will give you an idea on the Market Price of some of the most sought of: This is only based on my own experience since the OBT last June 12,2020. Feel free to share your thoughts and I'll be glad to hear them too. Basic Gears: Headgear: Apple O'Archer - Minimum: 700k Maximum: 900k Cap[1] - Minimum:30k Maximum: 80k Helm[1] - Minimum: 3.5M Maximum: 5M Snake Head Hat[1] - Minimum: 500k Maximum: 900k Binoculars - Minimum: 500k Maximum: 1M Blinkers[1] - Minimum: 6M Maximum: 8M Masquerade/Butterfly Mask - Minimum: 300k Maximum: 500k Romantic Flower - Minimum: 500k Maximum: 1M Armor: Chain Mail[1] - Minimum: 300k Maximum: 400k Formal Suit[1] - Minimum: 800k Maximum: 1.5M Mink Coat[1] - Minimum: 350k Maximum: 600k Saints Robe[1 ]- Minimum: 300k Maximum: 500k Silk Robe[1] - Minimum: 200k Maximum: 280k Tights[1] - Minimum: 800k Maximum: 1.5M Shield: Buckler[1] - Minimum: 450k Maximum: 600k Guard[1] - Minimum: 500k Maximum: 700k Mirror Shield[1] - Minimum: 700k Maximum: 1.3M Shield[1] - Minimum: 800k Maximum: 1.5M Garment: Hood[1] - Minimum: 50k Maximum: 100k Manteau[1] - Minimum: 1M Maximum: 2M Muffler[1] - Minimum: 400k Maximum: 500k Footgear: Boots[1] - Minimum: 700k Maximum: 900k Sandals[1] - Minimum: 30k Maximum: 50k Shoes[1] - Minimum: 300k Maximum: 500k Accessory: Brooch[1 ]- Minimum: 1.8M Maximum: 2.8M Clip[1] - Minimum: 900k Maximum: 1.3M Gloves[1] - Minimum: 3.8M Maximum: 5M Gloves[0] - Minimum: 300k Maximum: 500k Necklace[1] - Minimum: 3.5M Maximum: 4.5M Necklace[0]- Minimum: 300k Maximum: 500k Rosary[1]- Minimum: 500k Maximum: 800k Ring[1]- Minimum:8M Maximum:12M Cards: Headgear: Myst Case Card- Minimum:300k Maximum:800k Nightmare Card- Minimum:600k Maximum:1.2M Marduk Card- Minimum:400k Maximum:800k Armor: Marc Card- Minimum:2.5M Maximum:3.5M Pasana Card- Minimum:2M Maximum:3M Pupa Card- Minimum:500k Maximum:1M Thief Bug Card- Minimum:200k Maximum:350k Weapon: Cruiser Card- Minimum:700k Maximum:1M Drainliar Card- Minimum:500k Maximum:1M Female Thief Bug Card- Minimum:150k Maximum:300k Goblin Card- Minimum:700k Maximum:1.5M Hydra Card- Minimum:1.5M Maximum:3M Skeleton Worker Card- Minimum:1.5M Maximum:2.5M Minorous Card- Minimum:2M Maximum:4M Vadon Card- Minimum:1M Maximum:1.8M Garment: Jakk Card- Minimum:1.5M Maximum:2.5M Raydric Card- Minimum:3M Maximum:4M Shield: Andre Egg Card- Minimum:400k Maximum:1.5M Thara Frog Card- Minimum:1M Maximum:2M Footgear: Male Thief Bug Card- Minimum:200k Maximum:400k Matyr Card- Minimum:2M Maximum:3.5M Verit Card- Minimum:2.5M Maximum:3.5M Sohee Card- Minimum:400k Maximum:700k Eggyra Card- Minimum:800k Maximum:1.5M Merman Card- Minimum:2M Maximum:7M Accessory: Zerom Card- Minimum:3.5M Maximum:4.5M Mimic Card- Minimum:6M Maximum:10M Kukre Card- Minimum:1M Maximum:2M Phen Card- Minimum:2M Maximum:3M Mantis Card- Minimum:2M Maximum:3.5M Tarou Card- Minimum:200k Maximum:600k Weapons: Arbalest[2]- Minimum:500k Maximum:800k Chain[3]- Minimum:300k Maximum:500k Composite Bow[4]- Minimum:200k Maximum:300k Gakkung[2]- Minimum:700k Maximum:1M Orc Archer Bow- Minimum:1.8M Maximum:3M Pike[4]- Minimum:50k Maximum:150k Saber[3]- Minimum:1.2M Maximum:1.8M Two-Handed Axe[2]- Minimum:250k Maximum:350k Two-Handed Sword[2]- Minimum:150k Maximum:250k * I didn't include the Elemental Weapons because it will depend on the tier of the weapon and the element you wanted. Free forge are available with some of our Forgers. You just need to bring the required ingredients to forge. * I didn't include the Upgraded Items since it will be dependent on the price of the seller which is fair for them in my opinion. I hope this will gave you an idea on how much the basic necessities are priced. If you think that the price is not good enough. It is still up to you to decide. Basically this will just give you an idea as a seller or buyer. PS: This is basically on my observation on the volatility of the item/market. Which includes(No.of Buyers/No. of Hunters/Willing Sellers and No. of Players in the Server)
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