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  1. Forum Name: Godzilla Old In-Game Name: Godzilla Current In-Game Name: Godzilla Story: 'The Hunt for Sohee - EOH 22:32' It all started one mid afternoon on June 12th, the IntenseRO OBT had started and I was pumped to make my mark as a monk in Midgard ! I smashed through Payon Dungeon heal bombing EVERYTHING ! as an Acolyte. Proved myself as a monk and decided to go hunt a Sohee card; at this point I did not know the fault of my ways. Off I went, Payon Dungeon, no one could stop a monk, not even Sohee ! Just to note, Sohee card is a staple for a monk, easy enough to hunt, or so I thought. But, what I also told myself, was that, I'd hunt this Sohee card first THEN make a hunter. Now being the stubborn type, I regretfully kept my word. And so it went a bit like this: *Triple PUNCH !* *Sohee dies* "oh this is easy". I was telling myself...but then, it didn't stop. Day 1: **15 hours later** *Triple PUNCH !* *Sohee Dies* "Okay, pls drop your card" Day 2: **15 hours later** *Triple PUNCH !* *Sohee dies* "I see nothing but darkness, my soul taken" - At this point, I've had GM's visit me, players visit me and the servers meme for hunting Sohee >.> Day 3: **15 hours later** *Triple PUNCH !* *Sohee Dies* "Sohee Card exists, Sohee Card exists, Sohee card exists, NO IT DOESN'T !" - I kept telling myself the card was real. Day 4: What a beautiful day 4 was, late into the night, I did my final punch. Hunting Sohee for 4 days since OBT, I knew it existed, I knew it. Just look below to what happened next; I was so excited ! I beat Sohee ! I got her card ! and now... she's my slave: End Of Hunt: 22:32 - Godzilla was born. Bonus Screenshot - The people celebrated with me.
  2. 4 days and nothing to show for it. I guess I got a muffler or two though haha
  3. Hi All, Just a quick leveling guide ! When you turn monk, go straight to Sohee and farm there until 90. p.s don't expect any cards to drop either. Done.
  4. Please allow reset NPC used at all levels. Free until 65, cost X zeny for above. Build manager useless if you cannot switch builds, my 85 monk stuck at SB build?
  5. I need to make a level 61 Merchant to buy my character flywings and cheaper pots? Seems a bit much
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