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  1. In-game Name: CDYumPautang Facebook/YouTube/Twitch Link: https://web.facebook.com/CasualDaddyYum Stream URLs: Link 1 https://web.facebook.com/CasualDaddyYum/videos/2210574339074357 Link 2 https://web.facebook.com/CasualDaddyYum/videos/1085512081908216 Link 3 https://web.facebook.com/CasualDaddyYum/videos/2062362500563430 Link 4 https://web.facebook.com/CasualDaddyYum/videos/340028953940059
  2. I can see that it is somewhat good for the streamer. However, I might do my stuff differently because of the (enlighten me) lack of things to give to the already playing players. If it was me, i might take a different route other than the one I am currently doing. If you do not like my style of promoting the server, please tell me.
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