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  1. Gotcha. Thanks man.
  2. I've never used bubblegum before. So before I end up wasting one, thought I'd ask the community. How does it work? How to maximize use? Currently I'm hunting for a 0.05% drop rate card. I doubt bubblegum would easily make the card 100% drop rate. Seems too easy to be true. Can someone explain? Thanks Intense RO community.
  3. You were right. They were indeed place holders and attempting to buy it showed the true price. Thanks for the help!
  4. I'm on PC. This is what it shows....https://imgur.com/a/geqogTS
  5. Thanks dahyunism! I thought it was just me. Ive been donated to kafra several times to get rid of the quest but it wont disappear. Haha.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! I see, so the Dungeon Warper quest is broken and the Kafra Coin Collector is not 1z. I only thought it was 1z because that's what the NPC said. lol. Can you explain how exactly the Lucky Poring event works? Do multiple porings spawn and you just kill them all? Where do we go? Thanks!
  7. Questions 1. How does Lucky Poring work? I always see "Lucky Porings are invading Midgard". But I don't see anything happening anywhere... 2. I can't seem to get rid of "Dungeon Warper" quest. It says Donate 1 Kafra Coin which can be obtained by exchanging your Kafra Service Points to the KP Exchanger. I've donated and the message is still there. 3. I have 12 Kafra coins but can't seem to buy anything at Kafra Coin Collector even though they only cost 1z (which I assume is 1 Kafra coin? Hmm)? Suggestions Weekly double XP or double drop rates to encourage people to log in frequently. Headgear quest guides! Headgear quests NPC in Brasilis Thanks all.
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