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  1. Forum name: ROnerd In-game name: Skooma, ROgeek Old in-game name: Vigil, MyLPisBiggerthanyours Story: And there we were, entering the battle for the first time on the server. As the battle unfolds before us, we can't help but wonder how mighty our guild had become... We were battle-hardened, expert in the field of War! We marched slowly making our way into the depths of the castle, killing everyone who didn't have our guild emblem. We were soldiers, they were like savages. It's way they fought. They charged mindlessly from every direction trying to damage or slay at least a member of our ranks. They out-numbered us 5 to 1, but to us it didn't matter. We proceeded and never letting a gap in between our members. Enemies froze as the gusts of our storm swept their ranks; They burned and crushed as we summoned the boulders of fire right on top of their ground. Bombs and arrows flew and killed those who stood in range. Some tried to flee, but most of them were unable to move as my gypsy screamed her lungs out. No it wasn't a battle. It was not the battle we were used to, not the battle we were expecting. It was a slaughter. At that time we knew, nobody on this server can stop us. Alas, we took the castle, the castle they were desperately defending. It was their home. Ah yes.. it was theirs, they held dominion of the server until we arrived. They'd never seen nothing like us. They'd never fought anybody like us. Our guild set the standards on how a battle should be fought. We knew we started something special, like a boulder being dropped on a pond that the waves sets it's motion. It had an effect on everyone. They called us many things; conquerors, legends, gurus. But what we really were......Inferno.
  2. Party name : PWA Member List: Sage - Vicissitude Monk - Oh Snap Bard - Rhapsody Wizard - DD WIWS Hunter - Badongkun Crusader - ROgeek Priest - Vyrr
  3. I love this changelog.
  4. Will this be with WoE reduction? No knockbacks?
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