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  1. Forum Name: Kira Link to Entry: https://imgur.com/y9eautI Short description of the artwork: I love doing ET runs with friends or strangers. Definitely excited for when the GM Team includes the content in Intense again
  2. Forum Name: Kira In-Game Name: Isaac Story: My daily routine was a quiet one. I'd farm for shiny gold from Grand Pecos roaming around the dry fields of Yuno then sitting by the grass in the middle of Brasilis for the rest of the day. I was pretty much content with that. During my idle times, my eyes would impulsively wander to a small group of three sitting next to the bushes hovered over by the Link Deity. The group involves a sorcerer with silver locks topped with a Sunflower, an arch bishop with a natural affinity for pink hues and another arch bishop that weirdly reminds me of Hello Kitty. After days of having the same peaceful routine, a rude man crashed and was running around Brasilis. This madman threw a fit against anyone his eyes caught, including me. I've never really dealt with boorish behavior before so I was sweating buckets and felt like I'd gag on my heart any second. It was all hazy but last I could recall, pinky girl stood up and walked over to my side. In a whirlwind of events, I suddenly found myself talking to this peculiar group. It was a new routine but it was exciting, it was like opening unexpected presents everyday. I was logging in everyday to see them hanging by the bush. We came up with lots of different activities. The weirdest thing we came up with was going to the Endless Tower with an all-star cast from Ragnarok: The Animation...in their first jobs. We never made it past the Golden Thief Bug. Everyone returned to our spot defeated but lighthearted. Sadly, schoolwork caught up with everyone and people were logging in less. Soon, I was logging in everyday to look for new things to do. It was a new routine and it felt empty.
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