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  1. Forum Name: Violet Chachki Old In-Game Name: -na- Current In-Game Name: Violet Chachki Story: Serendipity I am a new player to the server, so my IntenseRO story does not really go back a long way compared to pioneer players who can share countless stories of victories, joy, and love for the game. Earlier this week I had a random chat with a fellow player in-game. He was kind to share his resources and time with a complete stranger, and helped me on numerous occasions to slowly build my main. Over our friendly chats while leeching, it surprised me how some random encounters can hit close to home. Our (his and mine) personal lives actually overlapped at some point in the near past. Six degrees of separation whomstve? Kidding. Although I won’t be elaborating on anything he shared with me, I will say that our paths crossing in-game has helped me reflect on a painful part of my life that I’ve been burdened with for exactly a year today. Despite still carrying that, this coincidence made me see how much I’ve overcome. So it is in this regard that I hope he’ll be able to do the same thing: stay strong, move on, heal and grow. To end my very brief sharing, an open letter to this player: it was truly serendipitous to meet you. I’m grateful for all your help, and most especially your trust. I’m here if you need someone to chat with. Glad to play with a new found friend. Daghang Salamat
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