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  1. question, seems like most of these evolved pets stats are only half of the original stats. You have plans of updating this? And when will you add the rest of the pets?
  2. PITI

    Guess the monsters

    Floor 1: Poring Floor 2: Moonlight Flower Floor 3: Elder Willow Floor 4: Orc Warrior Floor 5: Bigfoot Floor 6: Orc Baby Floor 7: Osiris Floor 8: Martin Floor 9: Chepet Floor 10: Santa Poring Floor 11: Evil Snake Lord, Whisper Floor 12: Raydric Archer Floor 13: Phreeoni Floor 14: Drake Floor 15: Petite Floor 16: Lava Golem Floor 17: Ninetails Floor 18: Grand Peco Floor 19: Baphomet Floor 20: Doppleganger Level 21: Carat Level 22: Petite Level 23: Incantation Samurai Level 24: Dark Lord Level 25: Lord Of Death I dont know
  3. Forum Name: PITI Old In-Game Name: Pitiful Character (or something like this, I really forgot) Current In-Game Name: PITI Story: I had a nice guild, I forgot the name, it’s so active, though were not really winning, maybe sometimes, but still we’re happy, I think that’s what’s important. Usually after guildwars, were given salary. There’s this player, which was so irritated with me as I’m too talkative, and we became enemies. I tried to bully him further as were enemies, and thing is, we got closer, we became friends. We hunt bosses together, and I still bully him, although pissed off, he’s still laughing. His IGN was Protege, he told me it’s a spell in Harry Potter, but who cares. There was this time that we both went to jail, I forgot the reason, and were laughing so hard and I told him, let s get our characters married. So we got married and went to Jawai for honeymoon. Still talking about school, and knew a lot of things about each other. Then suddenly he went cold, and then stopped seeing my character. I was like “arte mo”, and thinking what the hell happened. After a day of not talking, he texted me and says, he likes me and blah blah. I mean were both guys, well I guess not anymore, so we became virtual boyfriends, and I loved the server even more. I haven’t seen him though, he saw me several times in video chats (I think yahoo messenger). And, after several months of being in a relationship, it ended, several reasons, but mainly it’s because of me. I’m not joining this competition for the prize, but mainly just to let you know I’m really sorry for the stupid decisions I’ve made. I don’t really want to play this game anymore, because it reminds me of you. But, I am still hoping I can see you once again. -End of story. PS: I wrote you poem way back, because I don't have a way of sending you a gift, because of the secrets you have, that your address is still unknown to me. Your name is Christopher Ar****, and if you're reading this, hi. I kept this poem all these years. But, I never knew ill be posting this again. THE GAME OF LOVE I - I maybe just a simple guy, L - Living a life that's full of cry, O - Or maybe im a nobody, V - Veiled by the love of somebody. E - Ever Loving and supportive, Y - You chase the stars and never leave, O - Only for me, the one you love, U - Under the seas and skies above. P - Pyramids continued the quest, I - In Moscovia, theyve seen the best, T - Training grounds is where we started, I - In Glast heim, where weve been haunted. P - Prontera, where we first met R - Ragnarok, game, connects our breath O - On Jawai, the lovers City T - Thors, a kiss of eternity M - Million miles that separate us, W - We have been connected by trust, A - A life that's full of love and hope H - Humming till the end of the slope Thanks.
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    i did.. i put on other drives. reinstalling, same...
  5. PITI


    I got 2 problems: 1. My Setup.exe is not working at all. Cant change game resolution, mouse restrict to windows, all those. I tried redownloading the whole almost 2 gig file, its the same.. 2. My game is crashing in byalan dungeon, i dont know as to why, it always happen. I talked to GM Kazumi, she said to update my directx. Currently i have directx 11, and cant upgrade anymore to 12 due to my OS. Is it possible to fix this?
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