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  1. I got this from the IntenseRO Gift Bag Costume Long Pony (Black)
  2. Sarawat

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  3. Forum Name: Sarawat Old In-Game Name: - Current In-Game Name: Sarawat Story: Friendship I started my IntenseRO journey with my friend, Violet Chachki, however she started first and I just came along. I created my acolyte to catch up with her and support her while we were leveling. Though, it was tough trying to grind when it was just the two of us. We met some friends along the way, leveling in GH until we reached 2nd job and I'm a priest yay! Traveling to different dungeons just to get better exp to level up. As time flies, our party mates vanished. It was a sad moment that they left, though I'm glad Chachki is still with me. For a few days I got busy and tired, so I stopped playing for a while... when I came back Chachki was already 99 and I was 92. She made her hunter Naomi. When Naomi almost reached my level, we agreed to each other that we’ll make my Priest reach 99 ASAP!! We started at 1pm leveling ourselves killing Anolians in Comodo field. It is always fun to have a friend chatting with you while leveling. After killing so many Anolians, FINALLY! We got an Anolian Card after 4 hours! We took a break for an hour and went back grinding. Though, Chachki went AFK so only my hunter was with me to level up my priest and there I got another Anolian Card after an hour! We finished around 12 midnight but still I couldn’t reach 99 because I always die :<. For 11 hours of grinding, we were so tired, and my eyes were slowly closing. I can’t believe that I’m playing for so many hours having fun with a friend. I’m glad that I have Chachki is with me to make sane whenever I’m playing. Thank you Chachki!
  4. Forum Name: Sarawat Link to Entry: Short description of the artwork: Reliving IntenseRO
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