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  1. Dearest Adventurers, Thank you for starting your journey with us. We have accomplished many great achievements in just three weeks. We've squashed bugs together. We've defeated pirates exploiting our resources. We have upgraded and developed our world to make it indisputably ours. And, most importantly, we've built a stronger bond as a community. We couldn't have done these many feats without you. And with the nearing of our true opening, we want to make sure that we're setting the best stage for our little adventure. We hope that you can grant us a little of your time for this survey. We all have a stake in this world that we're creating, and your input and most honest feedback is vital to our growth. Finally, to thank you for the time spent on the survey, we will be giving a Bubblegum Box to each respondent who answers the survey completely. -IntenseRO Team Link to the IntenseRO OBT Survey: https://forms.gle/178TYNQzAG6xT6d67
  2. Verity


    Hi, PITI. We need the following things from you: What's your OS? How about your Graphics Card? Screenshot of your IntenseRO folder Thanks!
  3. Since Mudpie has been such a huge hit, we realized we needed one for cards. This one is for all the cards that we laughed at for being made specifically for killing Asters or simply for not offering anything helpful at all. Features Random card trading (MVP cards not included) Card scores - the lower the drop rate, the higher the score! Card Collector's monthly ladder
  4. Thanks for joining, guys! As promised, we’ll give all participants a little something from our stash To those who may wonder, MVP Raid is an instance where MVPs do not drop anything. Instead, players get Dungeon Coins per MVP kill. IntenseRO Gift Bags are also given to each player who completes the run.
  5. Event postponed to next Sunday. We’ll need at least two more teams. Event registration is open again.
  6. Will fix this. Thanks for notifying us! Fixed.
  7. Greetings, adventurers! We're glad to announce that the Hunting Missions and the Mission Boards NPCs are getting updates. Starting today, you'll be able to get Neuralizers, and Status Reset Potions from these two. Dungeon Coins are now available via Hunting Missions! Want some Dungeon Coins? You may now purchase Dungeon Coins via Hunting Missions. Two new headgears were also added to the Prontera Mission Boards. Please do check them out! - IntenseRO Team
  8. Yes. Please post a this at the Suggestions forum, so other people can weigh in on this. Thanks!
  9. Map is set as gvg map, so yes.
  10. @irikyu They are all costumes. We'll share how they look like, though!
  11. First IntenseRO 7v7 Event Party up, and join IntenseRO's 7v7 event! Date: June 21st, 2020 Time: 12:30 PM (GMT+8) Event Mechanics All joining parties must register to this post. Registration ends on At least 4 teams are required for the event to push through. Restrictions No class repetition No MVP. Registration Format Parties who wish to join should register with the details below: Party Name: Member List: (In Game Name - Job) Example: Rewards Winning Team Each member will receive: 30 Siege Coins 10 Event Coins 1 Bubblegum box (10) 5 Elite Siege Boxes 1 Stylist Ticket 1 Stat Reset Potion 1 Neuralizer Second Placer Each member will receive: 10 Siege Coins 5 Event Coins 5 Veteran Siege Supply Boxes 1 Bubblegum box (5) 1 Stylist Ticket Choice of either Neuralizer or Stat Reset Potion Third Placer Each member will receive: 5 Siege Coins 3 Event Coins 1 Veteran Siege Supply Box 1 Bubblegum box (5) 1 Stylist Ticket Participating Teams Each member will receive: 5 Siege Coins 1 Recruit Siege Supply Box 1 Stylist Ticket
  12. Updated post. @storage for VIP players is now free.
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