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  1. Forum Name: Calvados In-Game Name: Fenris Story: "Carpe diem." She expressed her beloved phrase, as she gently pats my back for encouragement. I blurted out my woes at her, but she still chose to lend an ear until the end. As I looked to the silver-haired, battle-hardened warrior whose tattered crimson cape lightly swaying to the warm winds of Jazeera, she exclaimed: You're too young to be spending your time worrying about those kinds of things. Frickin' live out your own life for pete's sake! She had been in our ranks for a while and was a natural in making connections. Eventually, she noticed my current interest in the Runic Order, and proceeded to have lengthy discussions about the intricacies on various schools of thought. I enjoyed these moments as she would hold these lessons countless of times. She was my mentor: someone that I could ask for answers whenever I had questions about the methodologies of our Order; someone that I could confide with my hardships and thoughts. After a year of adventures, it was finally her turn to seize the day. She told me she’d be leaving Midgard for good. Wearing the garbs of the Church, she conjured her last Warp Portal and gave her parting words: Do send my regards to everyone. Sadly, I will miss out on seeing your growth, but I hope this would help in your new journey. I'm awaiting the moment when we would stumble upon each other again. She handed out an old book, with an inverted cross for a cover design, and had ten small diamond-shaped Oridecons on the spine. Flickering lights dissipate as she entered her portal. As I opened the peculiar book, a small note was inserted: "May you ever live out your days in happiness. Carpe diem." - Glace
  2. If I'm not mistaken, you can exchange a certain amount of Event Coins to Siege, Kafra and Dungeon Coins. iRO Token from purchasing/donating. (not so sure about the Link and IntenseRO Coin)
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