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  1. Hi Meika, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Hydra. Well I think it can be adjusted to 2.5M since there are few farmers for that. As for Sohee I guess it stabilizes around 500k-550k but I guess maximum of 700k is still fare..
  2. Forum Name:MindMachine In-Game Name:Amore Story: New Beginning I am new to the server and haven't play the previous one way back but I am a fan of Ragnarok way back 2003 when it was launch here in our country. My guildmates and I from other private server decided to play here in IntenseRO due to one of our guildmate played here before and it was a fun community. During the OpenBeta last June 12 we decided to give it a go and we have a good run killing Geographers in Juno without having any items to begin with. Days past and my guildmates started to laylow and decided to rest since we jump from one server to another. Moving forward I was left alone hunting, leveling and gearing up my items even if the RNG Lord is not on my side [insert /sob here] I just grinded and farm like there's no tomorrow to build my Hunter's equipment. My other guildmate joined his previous guild way back in 2009. But I was determined to still continue even if I don't know anyone to party with or to talk to. As days passed by I tried joining on the in-game events and tried to communicate in the global chat and help others with as much as I know about the game. This way I didn't feel that I was being left out or alone. Haven't really have someone in game that was really close to me but luckily my guildmate on the other server invited me to join their guild and I accepted the invitation with no hesitation. Meet some new in-game friends and discuss something with regards to different builds that will be use for PVE and PVP. I am looking positively forward on playing in this server because of the events and community and I really miss having the Third Job Class and doing Endless Tower Run. As long as Ragnarok exists I will never get tired of playing even if it means to always start a "New Beginning. The passion will always be there. "RoK On" as the saying goes.
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