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  1. I have edited a post but when i want to edit it again i'm unable to do it when i visit my post.
  2. In-game name: Edward EG Link to forum post: https://boards.intense-ro.com/index.php?/topic/190-sightrasher-wizard-easy-way-for-mob-farming/
  3. You are new to the server? You are stuck and keep asking where to farm? You don't know what char should you use for the first time? You feel worthless because you don't have zeny? This thread maybe suitable for you! This guide is updated as at: 4 July 2020 *Added possible equipment in the future after Juno Episode 5.0 and will change depending on server's dynamic changelogs Did you miss playing warlock jackfrost like me back then in early IntenseRO server? We do have a 'classic' version of this jackfrost skill which we call it "Sightrasher" BOTH jackfrost and sightrasher applications are similar, you use the skill when mobs are all around you. However, sightrasher range area of effect is 7x7. So why sightrasher? Isn't LoV/MS/SG better? Sightrasher Pros - Kills ALL ON SIGHT within 7x7 area (but chance to miss some mobs since sightrasher moves at 8 directions all around the user) - VARIABLE CAST TIME IS ONLY 0.5 SEC MAXIMUM unlike the annoying long cast time from LoV/MS/SG skill - Deals FIRE Damage that can be used against Earth and Undead Monsters - PUSHBACK opponents around you - Much better mob skill than Swordman's Magnum Break skill. And very effective to be used in a small map that is fully filled with monsters. Cons - Consumes 63 SP in total that is, 10 SP (Sight) + 53 SP (Lv 10 Sightrasher) which is way too high (but wizard's high SP pool covers the problem with the help of Lv 10 SP recovery if you learn it) - You need to cast Sight first then only you can use sightrasher - Deals LOW damage. Not suitable to be used for mobs that has higher MHP - Sightrasher will no longer be used when you can be able to cast other AoE skills faster when you finally have endgame gears What about equipments? Miracelously, you can farm sightrasher without wearing anything but a weapon! That's right.. I'M NAKED! I DON'T USE ANYTHING except Arc Wand that can be bought from Weapon NPC in Geffen. That means sightrasher mob farming is VERY VERY SUITABLE to those who are totally newbie to the server. Where to use Sightrasher? - Payon Dungeon 01 (Or 02/03 if your damage is high enough) - Ant Hell 01/02 - Orc Dungeon 01/02 (or outside Orc Dungeon) - Coal Mine 01 (Or 02/03 if your damage is high enough) - Hidden Dungeon - Payon Field 02 or other places that have low MHP mobs you can gear up your wizard to make your sightrasher do better damage and increase more survivability when you farm on other locations Recommended gears (Gears are updated as at Server's current Episode): Any gears that make your INT total sum up by multiple of 7 Head: Wizard Hat / Mage Hat / Magician Hat or any slotted hat with card that allows to obtain item by killing certain types of mobs: Cramp (Small amount of Zeny = Any) Dryad (Green Live = Plant) Leib Olmai (Red Blood = Brute) Myst Case (Gift Box = Any) Elder Willow (if you need INT stats) Mid/Low: Any Armor: Any slotted armor (Pupa/Roda Frog/ +1int from Evil Druid/baby desert wolf) Shield: Guard (Thief bug egg card/Andre Egg card) Weapon: Arc Wand or Evil Bone Wand or Wizardry Staff/Soul Staff[but can't use shield]. Cards slot = Drops/Fabre Garment: Hood/Muffler (Raydric or Punk for chance to get quaqmire if you got overwhelmed) Shoes: Sandal/Shoes (Alarm/Sohee) Accessories: Earringx2 (If you need INT stats) or Belt/Clip with card that allows to obtain item by killing certain types of mobs: Blazzer (Food Item = Any) Galapago (Apple/Banana/Carrot Juice = Insect) Gargoyle (Box of Thunder = Insect) Marin (Jellopy/Large Jellopy = Any) Mimic (Old Blue Box = Any) Orc Archer (Box of Panting = Demihuman) Raydric Archer (Box of Resentment = Demon) Sage Worm (Blue/Red/Yellow Gemstone = Any) Sea Otter (Sushi/Raw Fish = Fish) Sleeper (Box of Drowsiness = Fish) Spring Rabbit (Meat/Monster's Feed = Brute) Stem Worm (Box of Storms = Brute) Wraith (Giggling Box = Undead) or Creamy/Vitata card for tele/Heal Custom server's equipment: Slotted Bunny Earplugs (Upper+Middle) Slotted Elven Ears (Middle) Mage's Figure (Accessory) Possible alternate gears in the future when server is advancing to next Episode after Yuno 5.0 Mage Card Set: Bloody Butterfly (Accessory) Evil Nymph (Headgear) Harpy (Garment) Loli Ruri (Armor) Miyabi Doll (Footgear) Parasite (Shield) Aim for the bonus set: If used by a Mage job type, Increases MAtk by 3%. Reduces the cast time of skills by 15%. Accessories Cards that allows to obtain item by killing certain types of mobs: Anopheles (+3 AGI food = Insect) Armaia Dinze (+3 VIT food = Fish) Cloud Hermit (Box of Gloom = Plant) Dragon EGG (+3 INT food = Dragon) Dumpling Child (Candy/Candy Cane = Demihuman) Green Iguana/Grove (+3 Dex food = Formless) Gremlin (+3 STR good = Brute) Hermit (Red/Yellow/White = Plant) Jing Guai (Box of Sunlight = Angel) Plasma (Elemental resist potion = any) Retribution (+3 LUK food = Angel) Snowier (Ice cream = any) Tengu (random recovery items = Any) Headgear Cards that allows to obtain item by killing certain types of mobs: Giant Hornet (Wind of Verdure = Insect) Knocker (Rough ori/elu = Formless) Leaf Cat (Crystal Blue = Fish/Shellfish) Any inputs for the guide are appreciated. Thanks and good luck having fun with the sightrasher mob farming!
  4. Forum Name: EdwardEG Old In-Game Name: Edward EG Current In-Game Name: Edward EG Story: I would like to share the most exciting moments from my experience playing intense RO back then from 2010-2012. WoE schedule back then was so hectic as there were morning and evening WoEs for both trans and third jobs. I participated in almost every WoE and joined various guilds from Indonesian, Filipinos, American to Malaysian guilds. Made a lot of new friends and eventually we created a guild for 3rd job WoE and I was nominated to become its leader. During early days of leadership, we had less members and were outnumbered by the other 2 large guilds. So instead of dominating castles, we focused more on GvG. Eventually, we were able to take down enemies using only limited manpower until one day, one of the large guilds decided to merge with us. As our guild grew bigger, we were able to take down the other opposing faction until we eventually were able to compete in conquering castles, agit lords and getting Wildcard majority votes that lead us to get slots for participating Fortress Lords GvG events. Ever since I became a guild leader, my usual activities for farming/social chat drastically turns into managing WoE rosters, reviews and giving guidance to every member whenever they need. During WoE, there were always tensions and heart-throbbing moments especially during the last minute before WoE ends as we need to defend or dominate the emperium. Finally, the epic moment comes when winning Fortress Lords. People are lining up in the savepoint to receive salary bonus as if they are lining up to buy a fresh launched new type of smartphone! Most of all, I have enjoyed and glad to play 3rd job WoE in IntenseRO which I have never experienced from other private servers. Thank you IntenseRO for such a wonderful experience!
  5. https://boards.intense-ro.com/index.php?/topic/154-snake-head-guide/
  6. great tip. I got this headie thanks to you You can also obtain kafra coin by exchanging event coins that you gained from winning the daily events in game
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