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  1. Nice.. Here's my build that I am very comfortable with: 99 AGI, 80 DEX, rest LUK.. Equips: Upper: FAW (I also use Hunting Cap when farming Poison Toad) Mid: Insomniac Blinkers Low: Gangster Scarf Body: Pantie Weap: +10 2 Magnolia, 2 Savage Babe Composite Bow Garment: Undershirt Shoes: Shoes of Hermes Accessory: 2 Athletic Brooch (sometimes I use Mimic Card Clips when farming OBB) note: refining the equipment is not necessary, but if you want then go ahead.
  2. PM IGN: Jihyo for Free Forge... ^_^v
  3. dahyunism

    July - 2020

    FREE FORGE SERVICE~!! Come to Prontera~!!! ^_^v
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