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  1. Most Bubblegums increase drop rate BY 100%. That means that a 0.05% drop rate card becomes 0.1%.
  2. You probably have not enable Battle Mode yet. Just do /bm and set your Battle Mode keys in the Menu (press Esc) and you'll be all set.
  3. dahyunism


    You probably have not enabled Battle Mode yet. Just do /bm and set your Battle Mode keys and you'll be all set.
  4. No Flameborne for September?
  5. Yeah.. those are just placeholders. You can know the correct price when try to buy one, there will be a dialogue window that will show the price.
  6. This is a visual glitch. You can already use the Dungeon Warper after donating the 1 Kafra Coin but the quest does not disappear. You can hide it via the Quest menu.
  7. Multiple Lucky Porings spawn in Dungeons beyond level 2 as well all Fields. Just find em and kill em
  8. just turn off your mouse software and it should be good.
  9. For some reason, the GMs have disabled dropping items, trading with other players (except in Brasilis apparently), as well as vending. I think they did this for an economic reason. I don't know the details though.
  10. Nice.. Here's my build that I am very comfortable with: 99 AGI, 80 DEX, rest LUK.. Equips: Upper: FAW (I also use Hunting Cap when farming Poison Toad) Mid: Insomniac Blinkers Low: Gangster Scarf Body: Pantie Weap: +10 2 Magnolia, 2 Savage Babe Composite Bow Garment: Undershirt Shoes: Shoes of Hermes Accessory: 2 Athletic Brooch (sometimes I use Mimic Card Clips when farming OBB) note: refining the equipment is not necessary, but if you want then go ahead.
  11. PM IGN: Jihyo for Free Forge... ^_^v
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