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  1. Guide Making Contest June 15 - July 13, 2020 Help other players by creating guides for them, and gain rewards, too! Mechanics This event is exclusive to IntenseRO players with existing forum accounts. You may have up to 3 entries only. All guides must be original. IntenseRO will not accept any guide that has been obtained or copied from another site. Post guides at the correct section. Anything job-related should be posted in Class Discussions. Everything else should be posted at the Game Guide section. No double posting. Be sure that the topic that you're making the guide for has not been Make it official. Make your guide an official entry by submitting the the link below. Please follow the format when you post: In-game name: Link to forum post: Prizes First place 1 Blue Pencil in Mouth 10 Event Coins 5 pcs Bubble Gum 3 IntenseRO Gift Bags 2 pcs Town Teleport Scroll Boxes 1 & 2 1 pc Elite Siege Box Second place 7 Event Coins 4 pcs Bubble Gum 2 pcs Town Teleport Scroll Boxes 1 & 2 1 pc Elite Siege Box Third place 3 Event Coins 5 pcs Bubble Gum 2 pcs Town Teleport Scroll Boxes 1 & 2 1 pc Elite Siege Box Consolation prizes* 1 pc Bubble gum 1 pc Town Teleport Scroll Boxes 1 & 2 1 pc Advanced Siege Box *You can earn a maximum of three (3) consolation prizes.
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