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Open Beta Player Experience Survey

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Dearest Adventurers,

Thank you for starting your journey with us. We have accomplished many great achievements in just three weeks. We've squashed bugs together. We've defeated pirates exploiting our resources. We have upgraded and developed our world to make it indisputably ours. And, most importantly, we've built a stronger bond as a community.

We couldn't have done these many feats without you. And with the nearing of our true opening,  we want to make sure that we're setting the best stage for our little adventure. We hope that you can grant us a little of your time for this survey.

We all have a stake in this world that we're creating, and your input and most honest feedback is vital to our growth. Finally, to thank you for the time spent on the survey, we will be giving a Bubblegum Box to each respondent who answers the survey completely.


-IntenseRO Team



Link to the IntenseRO OBT Surveyhttps://forms.gle/178TYNQzAG6xT6d67

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