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[Community Event] IntenseRO Loading Screen Art Contest

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Server Relaunch Loading Screen Art Contest
June 6 to July 6, 2020

We're back! And we want to show off your talents in our loading screens. Submissions must be original. We accept drawings and paintings both digital and traditional, edited screenshots, or other forms of creative media. Show us what you loved about the old IntenseRO while showing us what you look forward to in this new chapter.


  • This event is open to all players of IntenseRO. A forum account is needed to join.
  • All submissions should be original works of art by the participants.
  • Players may only submit one entry.
  • All interested players must submit her/his entry via this thread with the following information:
    Forum Name:
    Link to Entry:
    Short description of the artwork:
  • Please be sure that you are 100% satisfied with your design before submitting your entry. Changes to the submitted design will not be allowed.
  • Entries that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified.



  • Artwork size: 1920x1080 px (16:9 )
  • Resolution: 200ppi and 72 ppi
  • File format: .jpg 


Artworks will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Concept – 35% 
  • Visual Impact/clarity – 35%
  • Aesthetic quality – 30%



  • Winner
    1 Koneko Hat
    1 30-day VIP Status Ticket
    10 Link Coins
    100 Event Coins
    10 IntenseRO Gift Bags

  • 1st Runner-up
    1 Vane Hairpin
    1 30-day VIP Status Ticket
    5 Link Coins
    7 IntenseRO Gift Bags
    70 Event Coins

  • 2nd Runner-up
    1 Pinwheel Hat
    1 30-day VIP Status Ticket
    3 Link Coins
    5 IntenseRO Gift Bags
    50 Event Coins

  • Consolation
    Prize depends on average score
    Above cut-off score (average score)
    3 IntenseRO Gift Bags
    20 Event Coins
    1 Stylist Ticket

    Below cut-off score (average score)
    10 Event Coins
    1 Stylist Ticket

Winners will be revealed on 12 July 2020


Terms and Conditions

  • The participant grants IntenseRO non-exclusive, irrevocable rights to use the submitted artworks.
  • All winning entries will be used by IntenseRO as loading screens starting July 26, 2020.
  • Each participant is permitted only one entry. Entries submitted outside of the contest period and multiple entries (including those linked to other accounts) will not be considered.
  • All designs must be original, specifically made for this contest.
  • Offensive, obscene, immoral, infringing, pornographic, and defamatory designs shall be disqualified.
  • The participant assures that the design is an original work, guarantees that the submitted artwork does not infringe on the rights of third parties.
  • IntenseRO reserves the right to change or alter details of this event.

For questions about eligibility and other guidelines, please contact Verity via the Discussion Thread or Discord Event Discussion Channel.


Edited by Verity
Updated prizes
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Forum Name: Skyzone
Link to Entry:
Short description of the artwork: The Sphinx Castle...


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Forum Name: Sarawat 
Link to Entry: 
Short description of the artwork: Reliving IntenseRO

Edited by Sarawat
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Forum Name: Meika

Short description of the artwork: I've been playing a lot of Poring Catcher lately, so I made a wallpaper about porings. :3

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Forum Name: Kira

Link to Entry: https://imgur.com/y9eautI

Short description of the artwork: I love doing ET runs with friends or strangers. Definitely excited for when the GM Team includes the content in Intense again ❤️


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Thank you for joining the event!

Again, allow us to explain to you how you were graded. This event had 3 judges, namely the two administrators (Kazumi and Verity) and a guest judge (Ray Darkwolf). We used the following criteria and guide questions in judging the entries:

Originality (35)
Is it original? Does it make the IntenseRO brand better?

Visual Impact (30)
Wow factor. Does it leave an impression on you?

Aesthetic Quality (30)
Is it visually appealing? Are the elements well-balanced? 


Notes from the Panel

Judge A

Judge A's primary focus is originality. She looked at how the contents would appear or could be used on the website.

Top picks: Kira, Daddy


Judge B

Judge B focused on how the entries function as loading screens, how the elements fit together, and the entries' composition. 

She took good note of the logo placement and editing (if any). The size was also considered. A few entries were noted for not having placed the IntenseRO logo optimally on the art. An entry also noticeably missed to fix and retain the original ratio of the logo.

Composition wise, Judge B took note of the focal points in each entry. A lot of the entries cramped elements into one area, making things unbalanced. And missing what could have been the better focal point. One of the entries' focal point was the background, and not the characters.

Collectively, Judge B and C noted that the chicken in Keitaro's entry was from a different game.

Top picks: Kira, Daddy, Sarawat/Meika


Judge C

Judge C focused more on the aesthetic quality of each entry, the entries' overall composition, and how they could work as loading screens. She was also very particular with the logo placement.

She pointed out the different colors, hues and tints used. She noted how Kira's and Calvados' entries could have been improved if the lighting wasn't as dark.

She applauds Sarawat and Daddy for a clean loading screen look, that would allow for your eyes to rest while the game is loading. 

She likes how Daddy's work gives tips and is reminiscent of what loading screens are meant to function. He also found the image simple but "very cute." She states that she would give more points if Daddy created a half-body instead of the head only.

She applauds Kira's work for the its level of difficulty, and for taking note of the details of the Mini Boss, Naght. However, she noted how the texture could have been tamed.

Looking at the meme entry by RedBlood and the cursing poring by JohnnySins, she noted how the participants missed the opportunity to create a comic strip comprised of in-game screenshots.

Top picks: Kira, Daddy, Sarawat


Winners to be announced tomorrow!

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🎉 Winner Announcement 🎉




🌟 Both scoring 87.3%, IntenseRO congratulates @Daddy and @Kira for winning the IntenseRO Loading Screen Art Contest!

Daddy's strength  was in his beautifully branded loading screen, which makes use of IntenseRO colors, cutesy look, and multi-purpose art. "Reminiscent of what loading screens should be," the artist's concept captured what players need in that tiny window of time - a clean and refreshing screen to look at, coupled with some wellness checks or game tips.

Kira, on the other hand, made a visually powerful 3D art that takes the old players of IntenseRO back to those Endless Tower runs they used to have before hitting the hay. The image takes the same old players, and the new ones to exciting times ahead. The image captures the artist's fondness of the Endless Tower beautifully, leaving an impression of both heart-stopping action and nostalgic longing.

✉️ Prizes will be given to the winners and participants via RODEX.

💜 Thank you for joining!

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