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Bowling Bash Knight Mob Farming build

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Looking for a knight guide for mob farming? This guide may suit your needs.

This guide is updated as at:

31 July 2020

*Added colours to equipment and cards for upcoming change from:

and will change depending on server's dynamic changelogs


I) Introduction

Why BB over Brandish spear? Because in pre-renewal, BB skill deal MORE damage as compared to Brandish Spear. The only thing that you need to worry about is the Gutter Lines that make BB's double damage / spread damage do not work when you position yourself to mob under the 'red mark' of gutter lines. So how to solve this? If you actually deal proper damage on that location when you are mobbing, use that SAME spot to mob.

II) 2 types of Bowling Bash Knights

A) Two Handed Sword AGI Build

- Prioritize on using Two-Handed Sword as main weapon by getting more ASPD to combo with Two-Hand Quicken. This build is suitable for those who are building knight as their first character. Why? given the ASPD boost from Two-Hand Quicken as pre-requisite skill for Bowling Bash, you rely on ASPD+Flee to solo most monsters in RO. Therefore, your knight doesn't need much DEF value to tank monsters. Also, this build can invest some LUK for more CRIT if you main Muramasa as your primary weapon. However, you can't risk yourself to mob more than tons of monsters using AGI build and when you are against high level mobs which you need higher FLEE rate, your knight can't able to tank. So, if you have enough money to invest on your knight, you can reset stats and turn into second type of BB Build which is:

B) One Hand Sword + Shield VIT Build (Suitable for PvP/WoE)

- This BB Knight prioritize in getting more MHP to tank as well as more DEF+resist% value equipments for your knight. Since you will be tanking, it's better to use Shield and thus, one handed sword type is your primary weapon. Also 100 VIT in total can be used for Stun Immunity. ALSO, this build is very suitable for PVP/WoE.

III) Stats:

- 100-120 STR (Because Multiple of 10 STR provide huge atk Boost)
2 Hand Sword AGI Build Invest 80-99 AGI that makes your knight to reach 185-190 ASPD with 1-30 VIT stats
1 Hand Sword VIT Build Invest 100 VIT in total that makes your knight for status immunity as well as more MHP while leaving AGI at 1
- DEX depending on how much HIT rate you aiming. If you are aiming for mob farming in Magma Dungeon for example, i suggest to get HIT rate at least 170 (with buffs) so usually 50-60 dex should be enough
- INT remains at 1 (Since this server offers Grape/Coke to be sold in NPC, no need SP Regens and also you can wear Earth Deleter card later on)
- LUK 1 (or 30+ LUK if you are aiming for CRIT two handed sword build)

You can plan the stats using
Pre-renewal STATS calculator

IV) Skill Points:

Knight's BB Skill Points

In this skill simulator, there's extra 18 points. You can either invest:

10 Pierce
8 Spear Mastery
(You can switch to spear and use pierce to defeat single Large Monster dealing 600% damage)

or invest into Lv 10 One hand sword mastery and put rest to max on either Endure / Provoke skill

V) Equipment (Gears are updated as at Server's current Episode):

Colours of equipment according how rare an item is:

Red - A Tier with 0.05% drop rate
Purple - B Tier with 0.08% drop rate
Blue - C Tier with 0.10% drop rate
Green - D Tier with 0.12% drop rate

No colour - Very common drop with drop rate more than 0.5% and above which is no problem when you are hunting

A) Early equipment as swordman/low lv knight invest in AGI Build

Head: Sakkat (just need 120 trunks + 10k zeny via quest)
Armor+Garment: Pantie+undershirt set (From Zerom and Pasana)
Weapon:  Elemental claymore (Fire/Wind/Water/Earth) or Muramasa (from Wanderer)
Shoes: Any slotted shoes (Chonchon card) / Crystal Pumps (from Marionette)
Accessory: 2x rosary (Rosary can be bought from Prontera Church) or Matyr Leash (from Matyr)

In Intense, there's custom headgear called Snake Head that allows you to do Double Attack lv 5 everytime you melee, so therefore you don't need Sidewinder card!

You can get the snake head from this guide
*Credits to Irikyu

B) Endgame equipment

Headgear: Marionette doll / Helm (Deviruchi for that +1 STR or Cramp with Tarou combo for +3 STR or Permeter card for swordman card set)
Middle: Evil/Angel Ear wings / Fin helm
Lower: Iron Cain / Gangster Scarf (upcoming additional headgear from Kafra Coin NPC)
Armor: Chain Mail / Full Plate (any Elemental armor card / Pecopeco / Sky Deleter for HP gain / Earth Deleter for SP gain or Solider card for swordman card set)

Two-Hand Sword:
Two-Handed Sword(2) (2 racial or hunterfly cards for HP Steal or assaulter card for swordman card set). It's a level 3 weapon and has 160atk weapon base value so damage dealt is more powerful compared to Bastard Sword(3) or Katana(4).

One Hand Sword:
Saber(3) (2 racial + 1 size OR 2 racial + 1 elemental OR 2 elemental + 1 racial cards or 2 hunterfly cards for HP Steal or assaulter  card for swordman set). Gladius(3) or Tsurugi(2) is also possible alt weapon since Saber is dropped from Khalitzburg which is a hard mob

Racial cards:
(Demi Human)
Abysmal Knight (Boss Monsters)
Peco peco Egg (Formless)
Earth Petite (Dragon)
Strouf (Demon)
Scorpion (Plant)
Caramel (Insect)
Orc Lady (Orc)
Goblin (Brute)
Flora (Fish)


Elemental cards:
Santa Poring
(Dark) ==> From Gift Box generated by Mystcase card - it's much easier to gain more when you mob farming
Orc Skeleton (Holy)
Drainliar (Water)
Vadon (Fire)
Mandragora (Wind)
Kaho (Earth)
Mao Guai (Ghost)
Anacondaq (Poison)


Size cards:
Minorous (Large)
Skeleton Worker (Medium)
Desert Wolf (Small)

You can choose to endow your weapon:

Holy (Aspersio from your dual priest/friend priest)
Fire/Earth/Water/Wind (Endow from your dual Sage or Elemental Converter)

Shield (If you are using one hand sword): Shield or Mirror Shield (any racial resist cards)
Garment: Manteau (Raydric)
Footgear: Boots/Shoes (Verit / Matyr /Antique Firelock if shoes is +9 or Freezer for Swordman card set)
Accessories: 2x Ring (Mantis / Tarou for cramp set / Heater for swordman card set)

You can aim Swordman card set. However, one bad thing about this set is you'll be forced to give up 1 slot weapon since assaulter card Critical% is simply irrelevant to Bowling Bash Damage. Tho, the +10 STR and MHP 20% seems to pay off along with 50% more HP recovery everytime you use pots.

(Permeter + Solider + Assaulter + Freezer + Heater😞

Add a 0.3% chance of auto casting Level 1 Weapon Perfection on the enemy when attacking.
HP Recovery + 50%
Maximum HP + 20%
STR + 10
Add a 5% chance of gaining 'Red Potion' item each time a monster is killed.
[Swordman Class]
Red, Yellow and White Potions restore 50% more HP.

VI) Levelling

1-10: Training Grounds
10-35: Payon Dungeon 01 (Magnum break these mobs)
35 - Change knight job - 70: Geffen Dungeon 01 (Magnum break these mobs)
70-80: Orc Dungeon 01/02 (Bowling bash these mobs)
80-99: Mob in place of your choice

Coal Mines 03
Byalan Dungeon 04
Payon Dungeon 05
Hidden Dungeon 03
Magma Dungeon 02
West Orc village
Gh Chivalry
Pyramids 04

or other aggresive mobs in a small map

Any inputs for the guide are appreciated. Thanks

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