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ASPD falcon hunter build for zeny farming

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Is this your first time playing IntenseRO? If yes, you should create a hunter as your first character to hunt equipments for your chars or even strengthen your hunter!

This guide is updated as at:

31 July 2020

*Added colours to equipment and cards for upcoming change from:

and will change depending on server's dynamic changelogs

I. Introduction

Why Hunter?
- Hunter class is the most favourite class to farm zeny because you only need to click your mouse pointer away from yourself to a monster. With @autoloot on, you can instantly get your items from a monster.
- Hunter class can switch to element arrows easily unlike other 2nd job classes. Thanks to Arrow Crafting skill, they can be able to create element arrows without even buying from other players!

i) Neutral - Steel arrow: Manacles (Cruiser) & Ogre Tooth (High Orc)
 Or Oridecon Arrow: Rough Oridecon (Minorous)

ii) Fire - Fire Arrow (Just buy the arrows from Pots & Stuffs NPC)

iii) Water - Crystal Arrow: Blue Gemstone (Just buy from Magical Item Seller NPC)

iv) Wind - Arrow of Wind: Wind of Verdure (Steel Chonchon or Grand Peco)

v) Earth  - Stone Arrow: Green Live (Andre/Vitata) or Mole's Claw (Martin)

vi) Holy - Silver Arrow (Just buy the arrows from Pots & Stuffs NPC or Holy Arrow from Golden Ornaments [Isis])

vii) Dark - Arrow of Shadow: Key of Underground (Elder)

viii) Ghost - Immaterial Arrow: Emperium (Orc Zombie which can be mobbed in Orc Dungeon but with low %chance)

II. Stats

I recommend ASPD falcon hunter build. Why? Because in IntenseRO there's a headgear called: Snake Head Hat which allows you to have chance to use Double Attack Lv 5 everytime you deal physical melee or ranged damage. You can get the snake head from:

Snake Head Hat Guide
*Credits to Irikyu

Therefore, this is the stats that i recommend:

130-150 DEX: Make it multiple of 10 DEX
85-99 AGI: 180-185+ ASPD
30-60 LUK: Make it multiple of 3 LUK. (Every 3 LUK increase the trigger chance for Falcon to deal damage to enemies)
20-40 INT

Here's the sample of STATS calculator for ASPD Falcon hunter Build

Isn't 99 DEX, 99 AGI Better? I recommend to save some points to be invested into some INT stats and some LUK stats. Make it balanced so that your Falcon can provide additional damage with decent chance for your falcon to auto blitz beat every time you do a normal attack.

With this build, you can just simply auto attack enemies without the need for spamming Double Strafe that can drain your SP. Also, the fact that your hunter can't carry more weight, you don't need to have SP Regen and thus your hunter can farm with more than 50% weight till you reach 90% weight to put your loots into @storage.

III. Equipment (Gears are updated as at Server's current Episode):

Colours of equipment according how rare an item is:

Red - A Tier with 0.05% drop rate
Purple - B Tier with 0.08% drop rate
Blue - C Tier with 0.10% drop rate
Green - D Tier with 0.12% drop rate

No colour - Very common drop with drop rate more than 0.5% and above which is no problem when you are hunting

A) Early equipment as archer/low lv Hunter

Head: Sakkat (just need 120 trunks + 10k zeny via quest)
Armor+Garment: Pantie+undershirt set (From Zerom and Pasana)
Weapon: Hunter Bow (Buy from Payon Weapon Shop)
Shoes: Crystal Pumps or Any slotted shoes (Chonchon card)
Accessory: 2x rosary (Rosary can be bought from Prontera Church) or Matyr Leash (from Matyr)

B) Endgame equipment

Headgear: Snake Head (Nightmare card for +1 AGI or Mystcase card if you want to farm GiftBox)
Armor: Tights (Picky / Anolian Card for hunter set)
Weapon: Orc Archer Bow (+Steel Arrow for 50% dmg) or Arbalest (2 Racial Cards / Archer skel card / Cruiser card for hunter set) or Composite Bow (2 racial, 2 elemental / 3 racial, 1 size card)
Shield: (Not Applicable)
Garment: Muffler (Whisper / Dragon Tail for Hunter set / if shoes are +9 can use Nine Tail or Orc Baby)
Shoes: Boots (Thief Bug Male or Merman for Hunter set)
Accessory: 2x Glove/Brooch (Zerom / Kukre / Alligator for Hunter set / Mimic if you want to farm OldBlueBox / Wind Ghost for chance to knockback enemies using auto spell JT) or 2 Archer Figure from Kafra Coin NPC

Racial cards:
(Demi Human)
Abysmal Knight (Boss Monsters)
Peco peco Egg (Formless)
Earth Petite (Dragon)
Strouf (Demon)
Scorpion (Plant)
Caramel (Insect)
Orc Lady (Orc)
Goblin (Brute)
Flora (Fish)


Elemental cards:
Santa Poring
(Dark) ==> From Gift Box generated by Mystcase card - it's much easier to gain more when you mob farming
Orc Skeleton (Holy)
Drainliar (Water)
Vadon (Fire)
Mandragora (Wind)
Kaho (Earth)
Mao Guai (Ghost)
Anacondaq (Poison)


Size cards:
Minorous (Large)
Skeleton Worker (Medium)
Desert Wolf (Small)

Misc cards:
The Paper
(20% Critical Dmg to all)

i) If you are using Orc Archer Bow + Steel Arrow, your property is neutral. You can change the element into
Holy (Aspersio from your dual priest/friend priest)
Fire/Earth/Water/Wind (Endow from your dual Sage or Elemental Converter)

Although, the bad thing about it is you can't keep changing elements since you'll be forced to stuck focusing on 1 element for certain duration. So it's better off to plan where you'll be hunting monster and focus on 1 element only for attacking.

ii) It's better to get Hunter set as your endgame hunter equipment
Anolian + Cruiser + Merman + Alligator

Inflict 20% more damage with Long Range Physical attack.
AGI + 5
DEX + 3
Perfect Hit (which never miss its target) + 20%.
[Archer Class]
Receive 5% more Experience Points from Brute monsters.
Add a chance of auto casting 'Coma' on Brute monster when attacking.

IV) Levelling

1-10: Training Grounds
10-35: Payon Dungeon 01 (Arrow Shower these mobs) or Elder Willows (Go South of Payon and Right Side of Payon)
35-65 Change to Hunter: Geffen Dungeon 01 (Arrow shower these mobs) or Toy Factory (Double Strafe on Mystcase / Cruiser)
65-80: Orc Dungeon 01/02 (Arrow shower these mobs)
80-99: Your choice of farming:

Endgame Places that are instantly accessable to Dungeon Warper so that you can simply return to savepoint for heal(+buff if you are VIP user) and reenter dungeon again:
GH Staircase: Raydric Archer / Wind Ghost / Wraith/ Mimic
GH ChivalryRaydric / Raydric Archer
GH Castle: Carat / Dark Frame
GH Abbey: Evil Druid / Nightmare
Magma 01: Explosion / Grizzly / Blazzer / Kaho / Lava Golem
Turtle Dungeon: Spring Rabbit / Dragon Tail / Permeter / Pest

Other Information

To rent Falcon, you need to find the Falcon Breeder in Payon's Castle (instead of Hunter's Guild). Here's the location of the Falcon Breeder
*Credits to Mitsuki

Any inputs for the guide are appreciated. Thanks and good luck having fun farming using ASPD falcon hunter build


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