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Link System: What exactly is it?

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Siege Coin. Dungeon Coin. Kafra Coin. Event Coin.

We know just how overwhelming it is seeing all these coins all the time. So we created an entire guide just for you!


What is the Link System?

The Link System is IntenseRO's custom reward framework! Play as you would usually do, and get rewarded for 


What are Link Coins?

Each Link Coin is rewarded based on your activity, with each currency having a unique shop that caters to your needs. 


What are the different kinds of Coins available?

spacer.pngSiege Coin
A coin given only to the bravest of warlords. The Siege Coin Collector (brasilis 180,176) has some supplies and headgear that you can exchange this with. 

Siege Coins are obtained through PvP/GvG events or activities, such as: War of Emperium and King of Emperium.


spacer.png     Kafra Coin     

A token of appreciation given by Kafra Corp for continued patronage of their services.  Cute headgears and Premium Stylist Tickets are available at the Kafra Coin Collector (brasilis 174,176).

The Kafra Service Points that you accumulate for every 50,000 z that you spend when using town service NPCs may be converted to Kafra Coins. 50,000 Kafra Service Points = 1 Kafra Coin. This may be exchanged at the KP Exchanger (brasilis 203,185). Below are the different NPCs which give Kafra Points to players.

  • Kafra
  • Healer
  • Refiner
  • Branch Manager

spacer.pngDungeon Coin 
A PvM enthusiast's best friend, Dungeon Coins are given only to the most tenacious hunters. You may visit the Dungeon Coin Collector (brasilis 177,176) for some PvM-ing rewards.

Dungeon Coins are obtained through PvM activities such as instances (MvP Raid) and the Daily Hunting Missions.


spacer.png    Event Coin   
Congratulations for participating well in the event. This can be exchanged for Siege Coins, Kafra Coins or Dungeon Coins at the Event Coin Exchanger in Brasilis (brasilis 186,176).

Poring Race, Disguise Event, and Find the Mushroom all give event coins as reward.


spacer.png Link Coin 
The one coin that binds them all. Can be used to obtain higher tier items.

Link Coins are made by unifying Dungeon Coins, Event Coins, Kafra Coins, and Siege Coins through the Link Deity (brasilis 189,176). You will need 200 Siege Coins, 100 Dungeon Coins, and 300 Kafra Coins to obtain 1 Link Coin.

You can exchange this with the Link Coin Collector (brasilis 183,176) for some really cool gears!                                                                               

spacer.png IntenseRO Coin
The Server's highest value and rarest coin that's only given by Game Masters through the most prized events.


Can we transfer/trade Link Coins?
Absolutely NOT! Link Coins are all account bound.




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