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Results and Insights: OBT Player Experience Survey

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Hello again, Adventurers!

We are excited to share the results of our the Open Beta Player Experience Survey, which we ran from July 4 to July 18, 2020. The survey intends to 

What does the survey tell us?

The results of the survey shows some interesting information. We had a total of 59 respondents who identified themselves as Casual (34), PvE-Dedicated (25), and PvP-Dedicated (5). Comprised of mostly casual gamers, a regular player gets his first level 99/50 character at an average of 4.03 days with approximately 4~6 hours of daily playtime. This being said, the current experience rates are at a good, enjoyable pace which the server aims for. This is good for the kind of community that we are building where players help each other out, which is evident in how our community reacts to calls for help and party leveling requests. On the question of "Will it still be enjoyable when we move up to Trans?", the server intends to sell more field manuals through different channels to help with leveling.

One of the more interesting sections of the survey is the comment box on game complications. A number of players have reported that farming for zeny is difficult. However, the results of this survey suggests otherwise. Players earn 101k z - 300k z (14), 1 z - 100 k z (12),  1.2M z or higher (11), 301k z - 600k z (9), 601k z - 900k z (7), and 901k z - 1.19M z (6). 

The team also recognizes comments on Mini Boss item drop rates, which are of no use. However, as the current drop rate of the mentioned item, Soft Feather, is at 25% for Owl Barons and 15% for Owl Dukes. With Soft Feather being a key requirement in creating Feather Beret, we will not make any adjustment to its drop rate.

Quite a number of players noted that card drops at very low chances. The server has already addressed this by putting the cards into tiers, with an upcoming update on using a 4-tier system instead of three. Please note that, as the tier system suggests, the drop rate of end-game cards (such as Zerom, Raydric, and Hydra) will not be boosted.

With the amount of casual players in the server, and the noted difficulty in upgrading equipment. The server will also introduce a tier system for equipment. For example, Glove [1] has been recognized as a B-tier item, and will be dropped at 0.08%, with Orlean's Gloves [1] (A-Tier) at 0.05%.

On the issue of refining itself, the server will introduce HD Ores that downgrades items (not break them) when the refining process fails. You may read more about this here.

Players have also mentioned the difficulty in obtaining Link Coins, which is intentional, seeing as the items that are to be placed there are considered end-game items. We also need to note that it will be easier to get the coins once some features such as War of EmperiumBattlegrounds, and Endless Tower are added. We have noted the concern regarding MVP Raid, and will create separate raids for Second Job Classes and Transcendental Job Classes.

Some things that need fixing were also noted: @noks issue where KS protection lasts way too long, @jtws (VIP only command) issue where the player is not warped to the right shop.

Server stability

Most players are not having any connectivity issues, with only 3 respondents rating their connectivity with a 2 (with 1 - Poor; 5 - Excellent), and no one giving a rating of 1. Players who have experienced some form of lag, noted them to happen most at around  6:00 PM - 8:59 PM (GMT+8). It is also vital to note that 33 of the respondents have not experienced any form of connectivity issue

59.3% of the respondents do not use any of the available proxies, while those who have used them have noted some or significant improvement in connectivity.

Player rewards and event engagement

The respondents have ranked the following as their most valued rewards from daily attendance: Drop Rate modifiers (45%), Stat modifiers (23%), Refining materials (25.4%), and Coins (25.4%). However, with the upcoming changes in the drop rates (Tier-based system), the Team will no longer give as much bubblegum, and reserve for events, community milestones and downtime compensation.

Asking about the popularity of each automated event, we found out that Poring Catcher is the most popular one, while Poring Race is the least popular one. Because of this, we will be adjusting the rewards of the less popular ones as follows:

  • Poring Race will give 3 Event Coins
  • Disguise Event will give 2 Event Coins per win, but players may only win once. Meaning, those who answer correctly will be warped out of the map.

We've also noted that a lot of players are asking for more costumes and cute headdresses. The upcoming patch includes a lot of new headgear coming from shops, and costumes from boxes. The Trans Episode Patch will include new custom headgear and costume quests. Sunglasses [1] quest will be available in the upcoming patch as well.

Insights about the website

We have noted to make improvements on :

  • Location of the Server Info
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Choice of font colors
  • Database update search and filter functions

We are grateful for the insights that you have shared with us. As the Team truly values your feedback, we will have another survey some time after the grand launch.

Bubblegums are to be sent to the respondents via RODEX.

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@Keitaro You're welcome!


We encourage everyone to continue posting suggestions here ❤️

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Oooooh, now I finally have a reason to join the poring race. :heh:

Is there an ETA on when these new changes will be reflected in the server? Not sure if I read it anywhere. o:

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@Meika Basically,

Next Episode Patch (to small patch leading to Trans Patch)

  • Shop update
  • Event update
  • 4-tier card drop rates
  • King of Emperium
  • MVP Raid Update
  • Hunting Missions Update
  • Surprise Box update
  • War of Emperium (small patch after KoE)

Trans Episode Patch

  • New custom headgear and costume quests
  • Trans MVP Raid
  • Sealed Shrine Quest
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Thanks for the update! Just wondering since it will be leading to Trans episode, what kind of contents we will have? Since Rebirth class will be in Episode 9, what will be the exact episode that we will advance? Is it going to be episode 6 after Yuno 5.0? This is the timeline episode thread:


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@EdwardEG We'll have Episode 6 and 7. We may include episode 8 into that patch, or have episode 8 patched up with WOE (so people don't divorce each other on a whim 😇). 

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Thank you for all of your efforts, GM Team 😧❤️

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