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Love headgears? New stuff are coming our way!

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You've been asking for new headgears, and we're giving them to you (not without some hard work, though!)


Siege Coin Collector


Blush of Groom [0]A blushing impression of a bridegroom. Reduces damage from DemiHuman monster by 3%.

Love Chick Hat [0]The little chick converted from love energy. Please handle with care. LUK +4 MaxHP +100, MaxSP +100. Reduces damage taken from Demihuman and Brute monsters by 7%. Animated.

Peco Peco Hairband [0]Looks like that it has wings of Pecopeco. Can make you move as fast as Pecopeco. Increases Movement Speed by 25%,  increases Attack Speed by 5% and increases Cast Time by 25%.


Dungeon Coin Collector


Charming Ribbon [1]A pretty ribbon made from a red string with a pink heart in the middle. Reduces damage from Undead and Demon enemies by 5%.

Helm of Abyss [1]A helm worn by the Abysmal Knight. While strong against powerful blows, it's weak against frail attacks. Reduces damage taken from Boss monsters by 10%. Increases damage taken from DemiHuman by 10%.

Ninja Scroll [0]A scroll when Ninjas lay a spell. Increase MATK by 1%.

Valkyrie Feather Band [1]Headband made of Valkyrie's feathers. The power of Valkyrie flows in the person who equips it. INT + 1 Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Heal on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.


Kafra Coin Collector


Gangster Scarf [0]School scarf from a gang. ATK + 5. [Rogue Class] Enables use of Level 1 Gangster's Paradise.

Glasses [1]Prescription glasses worn to compensate for defects in vision.

Mini Propeller [0]A headgear topped with a fashionably experimental propeller. AGI + 2, DEX + 1, Flee Rate + 10 Reduce Casting Time by Refine Rate %. Animated.

Neko Mimi Kafra [1]A hairband that gives the appearance of Kafra style and Kitty hairband. It would look pretty when worn. MDEF + 5.


Cash Shop (Donation Shop)


AFK Hat [0]-Away From Keyboard- A hat doesn't mean a thing in front of the keyboard. When away, the right to tell friends! Animated.

Bell Ribbon [1]A cute ribbon with small bells attached. Enables use of Level 1 Angelus. VIT + 1.

Ears of Ifrit [0]A headgear which imitates an ears of Ifrit, the spiritual owner of fire. STR + 1, Mdef + 3 Increases damage of Fire Bolt, Fire Pillar, Meteor Storm skill by 2%. Increases damage of Bash, Magnum Break, Pierce skill by 2%. Increase resistance against Fire Property attack by 5%. Decrease resistance against Water Property attack by 5%. Animated.

Horn of Ancient [0]. Adds 5% tolerance against Demi-Human monster, and increases physical attack against Demi-Human monster by 5%. Max HP/SP +5%.

Hunter's Cap [1]A hat for hunters! Good Luck! Rumor who wear it will have a good fortune when hunting monster at the time. Increases damage inflicted on Brute monster by 10%. Increases physical attack against Demi human monster by 5%. LUK + 1

Mischievous Fairy [0]. A mischievous fairy image of the helmet's ear. Perfect Dodge + 3.


Vote Shop


Baseball Cap [1]A cap worn to keep the sun from your eyes and focus your sight. DEX+1 AGI +1 STR+1

Bunny Top Hat [0]A cute Red Top hat with Bunny Ears! An energetic Bunny Band, perfect for a magic show! AGI +3. Adds a chance to cast Level 5 Increase Agility when user receives physical damage.

Helm of Darkness [1]A forboding helmet that hides part of the face. People wearing this have the appearance of Beelzebub. STR + 2

Triple Poring Hat [0]. A hat which seems to stack a few of the most popular monster, Poring. Are they Angeling at the bottom, Masterling in the middle, Poring at the top? LUK + 3 Add a 2% chance of auto casting Greed around the user when attacking. Impossible to refine this item.

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