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[Community Event] #MyIntenseROBuddy

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  1. Share this post on your timeline, tagging the friend whom you've met or played with on IntenseRO.
  2. Tell us why you and your friend should win the prize. Shared content must be publicly visible, and have the following hashtags and details:

    #MyIntenseROBuddy #ExperienceIntenseRO

    @NameofFriend and I should win because.... (your epic moment goes here)

    In-Game Name (Discord Tag)




  3. Participants may only join once.
  4. Participants must follow the IntenseRO page, and must be a member of the official IntenseRO server.
  5. Only valid entries are to be entered into the lottery.
  6. There will be one lucky lottery winner. Winner to be announced on August 8.



Lottery Prize
Angeling Hairpin for you and your friend
20 Event Coins

Consolation Prize
5 Event Coins

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