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spacer.png  Episode 5.0 Yuno (timeline-based server)


spacer.png  Experience Rates

Base / Job / MVP : 25x

Quest : 5x

Heal : 10

Death Penalty Base/Job: 10%


spacer.png  Drop Rates

Normal: Common/Healing/Usable/Equip: 5x

Cards: By Tier .01%  .075% and .05%

Boss/MVP: Common/Healing/Usable/Equip: 1x

Others: MVP 1x - Card Based: 5x - Treasure 1x

MVP Card: 0.01%


spacer.png  Party

Party Level Gap: 25

Party Even Share Bonus: 10

Max Party Size: 15


spacer.png  Guild

Max Guild Size: 36

No Alliance


spacer.png  Features

Character Slot: 6

Max Zeny: 2,000,000,000

MVP Cards Enabled (PK on MVP Maps)

LINK System (Unique Reward System)

Extensive Titles, Achievements and Rewards


spacer.png  Commands Available

@uptime, @time, @whodrops, @rates, @request, @jailtime, @noks, @whereis, @autoloot, @alootid, @pettalk, @showexp, @mobinfo,@iteminfo, @refresh, @showzeny, @whosell, @jtws, @packetfilter @duel, @invite, @leave, @accept, @reject, @checkpoints, @restock, @autotrade, @storage (500z per use)


spacer.png  Server Security

Gepard Anti-Bot

Hard-coded skill delay

Added account protection (@security)

Remote server back-up (Daily!)


spacer.png Custom NPC's

Healer (1,000z per use)

Reset NPC - 5,000z each (Stats and Reset) for below level 65.

Dungeon Warper (level 1 needs kafra coin per character to activate the access)


- Pots and Stuff

- Pet Groomer

- Magical Item Seller

- Materials Seller

Build Manager

Settings NPC (where you can set your autoloot, alootid and NOKS by account/character)

Name Changer

Posh Stylist

Premium Cart Rental

Branch Room Rental

Coin Master (keep your zeny in your storage by exchanging 1m zeny to 1 Gold Coin)

Server News

GM Checker

Newbie NPC

PvP Warper

WOE Info/Warper


spacer.png Dungeons/Quests

Mission Boards

Hunting Missions with shop

MVP Raid



spacer.png Ladders / Achievements

MvP Ranking

PvP Ranking

Blacksmith Ranking

Alchemist Ranking

Taekwon Ranking (future update)


Skull Collector

Emperium Breaker (future update)

Sakura, the Card Collector (future update)

Intensely Active  (future update)

Event Ladder (All events included/automated events) (future update)

- Poring Catcher

- Poring Race

- Disguise Event

- Mushroom Event


spacer.png Link System

Kafra Coin Exchanger (exchange your Kafra Service Points to Kafra Coins)

Event Coin Exchanger (exchange your event coins to other link coins)

Link Deity (exchange your Dungeoin Coins, Kafra Coins, Siege Coins for our Link Coins)

 * the shops *

Kafra Coin Collector (collect items in this shop by using Kafra Coins)

Dungeon Coin Collector (collect items in this shop by using Dungeon Coins)

Siege Coin Collector (collect items in this shop by using Siege Coins)

Link Coin Collector (collect items in this shop by using Link Coins)


FAQ: Where do I get those coins?

Event Coins is obviously from events, Siege Coins is from PVP/GVG Activities, Dungeon Coins is from PVE/PVM, while Kafra Coins is from exchanging your Kafra Service Points.


spacer.png Other Features

Hourly Rewards with Shop

Daily Login Attendance

Extended Vending System (you will be notified in your Rodex who and which items are bought and your revenue)

Pretzels and Cola (10z and 20z respectively, to aid the new players in levelling)




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